There are two essential keys to our success at Marin Humane – volunteers and donations!

Did you know that, outside of our contract to provide animal services, more than 80% of the revenue that keeps Marin Humane going comes from donations from individuals, foundations, and corporations? We would not be able to help the thousands of animals that depend on us without support from the community.

As the year draws to a close, there are many ways to support Marin Humane beyond your annual gift – though those are greatly appreciated!  Here are some of the more popular ones:

  1. Shop, drop, and roll – You can shop for items and have them delivered to Marin Humane by clicking here and selecting the items most needed. You can also choose Marin Humane to benefit from all your shopping (at no cost to you) through Amazon’s smile program; register at You can drop off sealed, unexpired bags of food and litter at the Community Engagement Office to benefit our Pet Safety Net.  Or you can roll over to Target, Safeway, or Pet Food Express and purchase gift cards that will be used to buy items to fill in the supply gaps of the Pet Safety Net.
  2. Make a gift in honor of your friends and family by stopping by the Development Office or visiting You can choose to have a letter delivered to notify the honoree or select a themed ECARD (the Happy Holidays one is adorable!) and it will be delivered via email.
  3. That old car – Donate your car or RV.  One call and our partner will come to your home or business and pick up your car!
  4. Take stock – Donate appreciated stock.  Those IPO shares of Google or shares of any other stock that have appreciated can be donated to Marin Humane and you won’t pay capital gains taxes.  This reduces your “out of pocket” cost to help the animals substantially.
  5. Charitable IRA Rollover – If you have an IRA or 401(k), you can ask your administrator to send a check to Marin Humane either as part of your required minimum distribution (RMD) or any amount.  By doing this, you won’t pay income tax on that distributed amount which can increase the funds going to help the animals dramatically.
  6. Include Marin Humane in your estate plans – Visit to learn more about the ways to include Marin Humane in your estate plans.

If you have any questions, comments, or would like other suggestions for giving, please contact Joe Lisella, Director of Development at, 415-506-6257, or stop by the Development Office Monday-Friday 6 am – 5 pm.

Thanks for all you do for Marin Humane!