Puppy who recently recovered from parvovirus

Puppy who recently recovered from parvovirus, thanks to new medicine.

We don’t see canine parvovirus (“parvo” for short) on a daily or even monthly basis at Marin Humane, but we need to be prepared for when we do. Support from our donor community allows us to act swiftly and access the best tools available when puppies or dogs with parvo arrive at our shelter.

Just last week, our clinic saved the lives of two 6-month-old puppies using a new monoclonal antibody that is very effective in treating parvo. These sweet boxer puppies were abandoned at a ranch and brought to Marin Humane along with their brother. Two days later, all three puppies became very sick and tested positive for parvo.

Our expert veterinarians jumped into action, giving the puppies the new monoclonal antibody right away and putting the puppies in quarantine. In addition to being very contagious, parvovirus is also very time-intensive and costly to treat. Our clinic staff monitored the puppies throughout the day, giving them subcutaneous fluids and checking in on them frequently.

Sadly, one of the puppies passed away overnight. However, after just two days, his sister was much better – a very fast turnaround for a puppy with parvo. Her surviving brother remained sick for another couple of days, but recovered after his fourth day of testing positive – again, a very fast recovery for this virus.

This new monoclonal antibody might be called a miracle drug for shelters. It shortens the amount of time that animals are sick, and it helps minimize the chances of spreading this deadly virus. While the medicine is quite costly, we’re confident that using it will make parvo less expensive and time-intensive to treat in the long run.

We are so grateful both to have the space needed to quarantine contagious animals and to have access to this new medicine that truly works wonders. If it weren’t for the support of our generous community, we would not be able to save the lives of animals like these sweet puppies.

Thank you to all of our donors – your generosity truly saves lives!