Phone number: 7079800027
Pet’s Location: Rohnert Park
Pet’s Species: Small Companion
Pet’s Name: Duo
Pet’s Breed: Holland Lop
Pet’s Color: grey/fawn
Pet’s Weight/Size 5 lbs
Pet’s Age: 3 years
Pet’s Sex: Male
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Microchip: Uncertain
About the animal:

This adorable furry potato is lovingly called Duo in our home. Although he doesn’t really respond to his name so you can easily call him whatever you want. 3 years old. He’s fixed. A bit of a troublemaker; he will try any hiding spot instead of going to bed. He’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen running and jumping around the house. He enjoys cardboard, not doing as he’s told, bunny treats, and suckering you into giving him whatever he wants with a single head nod.

He has been known to bite when we clean up his cage, so I don’t think people with really young children should have him. He (like most bunnies) doesn’t enjoy cuddling but is great for running around the house with you and digging at your laundry piles. When I would take him out on his harness, he’s inquisitive hopping around the parks.

Generally, he is in the X-pen pictured at night and if we’re not home. If we’re home hanging out, doing whatever, the gate is open, and they’re free to hop around the whole house.

You are free to take his X-pen, bag, harness, water bottle, toys, and leftover food and litter. I’ll give you everything bunny-related we have, really.

His partner in crime is much older than he is, and she is sadly going over the rainbow soon. I would like a loving, clean, patient, indoor (ONLY INDOOR) home for this little guy.

Email, please tell me about your home.