Phone number: 5107018160
Pet’s Location: 94804
Pet’s Species: Small Companion
Pet’s Name: Luna and Blue
Pet’s Breed: Rabbits
Pet’s Color: Gray
Pet’s Weight/Size 5
Pet’s Age: 9 years
Pet’s Sex: Female
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Microchip: No
About the animal:

We are moving out of the country and need to find another loving home for our adorable rabbits.
We adopted Luna and Blue from Rabbit Ears in 2015. Luna is a gray, mini-rex female and her buddy Blue, is a gray, male American Standard and have been best buddies for the past 8 years. They are a bonded pair, both 9 years old, spayed and neutered, and received their RVHD vaccines in May 2023. Luna is very sweet yet definitely is boss over the two. Her coat is extremely soft and smooth and she likes to be petted gently. Blue was very shy when we first adopted him but over the years has grown in confidence and can a be a mischievous little guy! However, he prefers being left more alone. They are both litter box trained and indoor-only bunnies. They love sun bathing, running up and down hallways, chewing on cardboard or apple sticks, eating daily dose of hay and greens, and their night time Oxbow brand ‘treat’. They eagerly wait by the kitchen counter to receive greens and respond to calling sounds we make for them. They need space to free roam in a safe, calm, quiet and loving home with sensitive owners who understand their needs and without other pets. They are both in good health; Luna has needed some teeth filing at times which is common among rabbits her age. We prefer finding someone who is familiar with and loves rabbits, as they are both older in age. They come with their pen enclosure, litter box, water bowls, pellets, treats and hay and transport carrier. Our requested re-homing fee is $50.