Our first meeting went great! We met a hamster named Mack and learned about him and the needs of other small companion animals with one of our Animal Care Technicians. Then we drew portraits of the rabbits and guinea pigs up for adoption.

Two rabbits were adopted in the two weeks between club meetings! It must have been those great portraits.

Lastly, we stuffed Kongs for the dogs! It was messy, but it sounds like they want to do it again!

Each meeting we will learn about animals at the shelter and do a service project to help the shelter. We will always have time with an animal or walk around the shelter and see who’s here. Marin Humane is lucky to have about 700 active volunteers, so finding activities for the clubs to help with can sometimes be a challenge as our needs vary from day to day. Some days we may need help with folding laundry or stuffing Kongs and some days everything may have already been taken care of by staff or volunteers! This is when we find other activities to keep us busy.

This semester, the students have a small homework assignment: Once each month, students will bring in a news article about an animal to share with the group. They will summarize the article and explain why they chose it (was it funny? Sad? Hopeful?).

The article can be from anywhere in the world, but must be written within the past 3 years.

Sources for news articles:

  • Local newspaper
  • Lives Made Happy: Marin Humane’s quarterly magazine (available at the shelter)
  • Tails of Marin: Marin Humane’s section in the Marin IJ available in print and online:
  • Various websites or google search “animals in the news.”

I am looking forward to seeing what the students bring in! We will do this 2-3 times during the semester.


Marin Humane has no shortage of knowledgeable staff and volunteers to share information with our students. Students will have the opportunity to meet a variety of shelter personnel and animals throughout the semester.