Animal Care Club was so lucky to have TWO guest visitors for this meeting!

First we were visited by Officer Lilly, one of our Animal Services Officers. We heard about the wild calls that officers have responded to and got to see her truck! Students were shown the different tools the officers use to catch various animals and we got to smell the skunk bucket!


Next, we were visited by Beth Weil, Marin Humane’s Feline Behavior Coordinator. Beth brought the kitten, Han Solo, with her so we had a demonstration as she described cat behavior. Students also got to ask questions about their cat’s behaviors. Beth is our resident expert and answers 30 calls each month about feline behavior.

Last, we folded a ton of towels, blankets, and dog/cat beds from the shelter laundry. I wish I had a photo of the before and after. They folded so much laundry! The Animal Care staff was extremely grateful for the help.

Students also shared the news articles they brought in about animals. We heard about an Orca whale and her calf, a polar bear that made it into a hotel lobby, and a dog that was elected mayor of a Kentucky town to name a few!