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Featured Volunteers – Behavior & Training Senior Services Volunteers

By |2017-02-03T14:49:22-08:00October 1, 2016|Blog, Volunteers|

The Senior Client Services group in the Behavior & Training Department offers special programs for seniors in Marin. These programs include small, individually-tailored dog training classes, with just four senior clients and their dogs. They receive personalized attention from two trainers during a four-week series. The other popular program is our in-home behavior consultations. Betsy McGee, Eileen Mowatt, Pat Compton and Rosemary Olivera rarely know exactly what to expect when they go out on a Senior Services Home Consult. Sure, there are some common themes like housetraining, jumping up, pulling on the leash or barking at [...]

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21 cats dropped off at Marin Humane Society

By |2016-09-19T20:31:23-07:00September 8, 2016|Blog, Special Cases|

In the cold hours before dawn on Monday, November 25, a silver SUV drove up to the Marin Humane Society’s night kennel and dropped off several cardboard boxes. When our Animal Services Officer on duty discovered the boxes, he heard a chorus of meows. Inside the boxes were 21 cats. The 12 adults and 9 kittens were immediately brought inside MHS’s doors, where they were given food, water, and clean kennels with fresh bedding and blankets. All of these cats will be given medical care, behavior evaluations, socialization, spay or neuter surgery – and lots of [...]

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Moose, the 32 lb cat

By |2016-09-08T19:07:20-07:00September 8, 2016|Blog, Special Cases|

Moose arrived at MHS weighing a hefty 32 lbs. His guardian had been hospitalized and was unable to care for him. In addition to his weight-related issues, Moose also developed a severe upper respiratory infection. He became very sick, very fast, and soon began going into liver failure. To save his life, we surgically inserted an esophageal tube so that we could feed Moose and give him medicine to fight his respiratory infection. To ensure he could receive his meals and medicine through his feeding tube on schedule, our own veterinarian, Dr. Belinda Evans became Moose’s [...]

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Injured. Scared. Helpless.

By |2016-09-08T19:04:58-07:00September 8, 2016|Blog, Special Cases|

That’s how Rodi came to MHS in late November after being hit by two cars in Novato. Rodi had multiple pelvic fractures and required corrective surgery. No one came forward to claim the poor guy. Working with Pet Emergency & Specialty Center of Marin (PESCM), MHS was able to arrange for Rodi’s surgery. Even with a significant discount, the surgery was expensive but necessary for him to live a comfortable life. After having multiple plates and pins inserted into his hips and legs, Rodi returned to MHS for post-operative care. Once he started to feel better, [...]

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A “sweet” start to the New Year

By |2016-09-08T18:59:36-07:00September 8, 2016|Blog, Special Cases|

Gumdrop ready to go home Gumdrop the cat reunited with her family We just had a wonderful reunion at the Marin Humane Society! Gumdrop the cat was reunited with the Dimmick family of Tiburon after missing for one year. The Dimmicks went on vacation in February of 2013, when they returned, Gumdrop was gone. The last time they saw her was on February 20, 2013. Gumdrop (left) with his brother before he went missing We don't know how she traveled more than 15 miles to Novato, but luckily Gumdrop was rescued by feral cat caretakers [...]

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