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Reuniting with Fosters Part 2: My Foster Cats; Where are they now?

By |2024-07-23T09:09:33-07:00July 22, 2024|Behavior & Training|

By Candace Key Arlo and Draymond Reading in the B&T Blog about visits many dog foster parents have had with their previous charges has left me a bit envious as a cat foster mom. If only cats could be walked, or would even tolerate cat sitting with other cats’ families we would have so many more opportunities to catch up with heartwarming stories and happy lives. Then I realized I have had the opportunity to connect with some of the new guardians of my foster children, and gosh darn it, their stories should be [...]

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By |2024-05-22T16:11:23-07:00May 22, 2024|Behavior & Training|

By Kim Bromley Washable area rugs are expensive and worth it! As I contemplate Claude’s latest throw up at 2:35am my mind catches on the practice of gratitude. This is lofty business in the middle of the night and challenging to engage with after the sound of a retching poodle has sent me hurtling out of bed in the middle of a dream about flying over the Azores. But we’ve all been there, am I right? That sound that penetrates your deepest sleep despite any mitigating Ambien, gummies or Scotch before bed. The sound [...]



By |2024-03-21T16:36:06-07:00March 20, 2024|Behavior & Training|

By Kim Bromley When casting about for a new blog topic I realized the blog hasn’t discussed cats very much lately. This put me in mind of our recently departed Lorenzo and then, naturally, all the wonderful cats who shared our lives for the past 37 years. After my flood of tears subsided I decided to write a very personal (and hopefully entertaining) blog about the cat(s) I miss. I moved to Marin in the summer of 1987 to work for LucasFilm. At the time, I was three years out of graduate school, working free lance, [...]

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Busman’s Holiday

By |2024-01-15T16:02:38-08:00January 15, 2024|Behavior & Training|

By Kim Bromley First recorded in the United Kingdom in 1893 (according to my AI), the idea that a busman, or a person who drives a bus to make a living, would use bus transport for their holiday was one of ironic amusement. I’ve been active in animal shelter life for thirty years, so naturally when I go on vacation - or holiday, as it’s known in Brit influenced parts of the world - I visit animal shelters. Needless to say, I’m fun to travel with [eye roll emoji here]. I’ve seen shelters of all stripes, [...]

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The Accidental Foster Mom

By |2023-10-14T13:33:54-07:00October 14, 2023|Behavior & Training|

By Candace Key The question was only slightly less jarring since I was standing in the parking lot of a pet supply store. I turned to see an agitated young man who had just exited the store throw up his hands in frustration. He had wandered the store, desperately asking if anyone could take the cat he had pulled from the traffic twice and chased up a tree. “I’m sorry, I’m only visiting here and I have no way to keep a cat.” He was beside himself in the one hundred degree heat and clearly at [...]

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