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Access to New Medicine Saves Sick Puppies

By |2024-06-16T18:29:05-07:00May 1, 2024|Impact and Outcomes|

Puppy who recently recovered from parvovirus, thanks to new medicine. We don’t see canine parvovirus (“parvo” for short) on a daily or even monthly basis at Marin Humane, but we need to be prepared for when we do. Support from our donor community allows us to act swiftly and access the best tools available when puppies or dogs with parvo arrive at our shelter. Just last week, our clinic saved the lives of two 6-month-old puppies using a new monoclonal antibody that is very effective in treating parvo. These sweet boxer puppies were abandoned [...]

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Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tail…

By |2024-04-18T12:32:56-07:00April 18, 2024|Impact and Outcomes|

Did you know that every adoption animal at Marin Humane gets all the time they need to find a loving home? It’s true - thanks to the support of our generous community of donors. Mr. Howell needed a lot of time and care before finding a new family. Indeed, he was in dire straits when he first arrived as a kitten in the summer of 2022, emaciated and dehydrated due to a serious colon condition. Our expert veterinary team got right to work, providing time-intensive treatments and even surgery. Thankfully, Mr. Howell’s health improved significantly over [...]

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A Perfect Match for Mercury

By |2023-12-27T11:46:02-08:00December 27, 2023|Impact and Outcomes|

Stewie was brought to Marin Humane with his four tiny siblings and mom after they were found stray in Novato. Our clinic evaluated the feline family and treated little Stewie for diarrhea, and they were all sent to the home of one of our dedicated foster volunteers. While in foster, Stewie and his family were socialized and given lots of love and affection. After three weeks, he, his mom, and his littermates were ready for spay/neuter surgery, and then were made available for adoption. It just so happened that a local family had been in touch [...]

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Rodeo Found True Love

By |2024-04-11T14:50:34-07:00November 16, 2023|Impact and Outcomes|

Roadrunner came to our Novato campus last spring after he was found stray on the side of a road. Luckily, thanks to support from our donors, we were able to give him all the time he needed to find a loving home. While he was at Marin Humane, we discovered that Roadrunner enjoyed all sorts of toys, and our staff and volunteers noticed he loved pets. He also received a medical exam, vaccinations, and was neutered. While we were getting to know Roadrunner, our adoptions team went to work trying to find a family who would [...]

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Happily Ever After – Thanks to Donor Support

By |2024-04-11T14:51:51-07:00October 23, 2023|Happy Endings, Impact and Outcomes|

Often, senior animals have a harder time finding new homes compared to their younger counterparts. Thanks to the generous support of our donors, Marin Humane is able to provide all animals who come through our doors with the time and care they need until they're adopted by a loving family. Monique is just one example of an older dog who needed to stay in our care for an extended period of time. At 9-years-old, Monique was surrendered to Marin Humane in December 2022 because her original guardian could no longer care for her. When she came [...]

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