Phone number: 2078010457
Pet’s Location: Pittsburg, CA
Pet’s Species: Cat
Pet’s Name: Bailey
Pet’s Breed: Mixed
Pet’s Color: Black. Brown. Beige.
Pet’s Weight/Size 12 pounds
Pet’s Age: 2 years
Pet’s Sex: Female
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Microchip: No
About the animal:

She currently lives in a busy home. Feels like this is causing her anxiety. Needs a mellow home with someone who understands cat behaviors. She is not fond of being held, nor belly scratched, nor paws touched. She likes to come to you if she wants petted. Doesn’t give much warning when she doesn’t like affection. Not Good with other animals. Very pretty. Blue eyes. Mixed breed. Mother was black and white. We bottle fed her after finding her under an RV.