I meant to make a submission years ago, but I’d love to tell  Billie’s story now as we have just said goodbye to our baby girl after her fight with lymphoma.

I was on the hunt for “my first” dog of my own, aka not the family dog, at age 19. My dad and I came to look at a Pomeranian mix (which we chuckle at now knowing how much of big dog people we are). But at the time I felt it was right since I had no clue if I could have a big dog in apartments easily enough.

The minute we laid eyes on Zelda (who we renamed Billie) I knew she was my dog. Her sweet face and even yet spunky temperament had me at the first walk and play session. We had twelve beautiful years with her; she helped me grow, taught me so much, and helped me through rough times. Ultimately, she gave me the approval to date and then marry my husband and helped raise her little fur brother Archie with the utmost patience, tolerance, and care. She was truly the best dog I could have asked for, my shadow and my heart all wrapped up into one.

I will be donating in her honor and I hope that our donation helps your current Billie available for adoption find a forever home. If she didn’t need to be the only dog in a home, I’d be driving down tomorrow to get her as it’s such a coincidence that you have a Billie available just as we lost ours! (Note: Thank you for your donation, Sarah – our current Billie has been adopted!)

Thank you all for all that you do to keep these babies safe, and for working tirelessly to find them good homes.