Phone number: 650-5394319
Pet’s Location: 94402
Pet’s Species: Dog
Pet’s Name: Jax
Pet’s Breed: Boxer Mix
Pet’s Color: Fawn
Pet’s Weight/Size 70 lbs
Pet’s Age: 7 years
Pet’s Sex: Male
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Microchip: Yes
About the animal:

We rescued Jax 4 years ago, and he’s become a beloved member of our family that we are heartbroken to have to re-home due to a job change. Jax is a nearly 7 year old boxer mix… a 70 pound dog who would love to sit in your lap and give lots of sloppy kisses if you let him! Jax is a sweetheart, whether curled at your feet in the family room, playing keep-away with the kids, running with his doggie friends around the backyard, or performing his trademark “jumping jax” in excitement whenever you say, “Do you want to go for a walk?!”

Jax’s main challenge is separation anxiety: He spent over a year in the shelter system after being abandoned by his previous family, and still suffers from anxiety if left alone at home– he runs around like crazy and will misbehave. We’ve worked with him to gradually build up to being at home for an hour (or longer when with another dog), but haven’t been super consistent with his training in this area. As long as another person or dog is in the house he is completely fine, even if across the house.

With someone at home, Jax is VERY well behaved: He stays off furniture, knows to stay downstairs, asks to go outside when he needs to potty, goes potty where he is supposed to, and is very good at his basic commands. He’s been great with toddlers and babies (he’s untested with cats).

We love going on walks with Jax. He does pull towards other dogs when on leash and is anxious until he gets a chance to meet them. He is sometimes a little over-eager at first when meeting new dogs, but isn’t aggressive, and gets along just fine with all types of other dogs off leash. He has an off-leash playdate with a large group of dogs several times a week, enjoys our local dog park, and regularly boards in a crate-free facility with dogs of all sizes. Off-leash, Jax is only OK at recall, and is known to rush off to meet a new dog (or to run off chasing wildlife when we go hiking with him in the mountains… he once treed a bear!).

Other things you should know about Jax: He’s used to two meals and one decent walk a day (or an active play session). He eats in his crate, but gets nervous when locked in his crate. He generally doesn’t bark, but he will at home when he hears the doorbell, strangers at the door, or other dogs near the house. His behavior is inconsistent with dogs who aren’t neutered or are aggressive towards him. His tummy is a little sensitive, so we have him eating high fiber kibble, which has been amazing for his poops. The shelter said Jax was a Boxer / American Bulldog mix, but we suspect there’s some pittie in there as well. Jax had a mast cell tumor and a few other benign tumors removed two years ago, but he’s been healthy since.

The perfect home for Jax will have a large enclosed yard, one or more doggie companions, and loving humans or dogs around him all the time! Unfortunately with new jobs after the pandemic that involve lots of travel and commuting, this just doesn’t describe our home anymore. Please reach out if you have any questions about our beloved Jax!