Career Cats are outdoor, under-socialized cats who aren’t able to be adopted as typical pets. But while they may not be ready to curl up in your lap for TV time this evening, they’re just as deserving of a home – albeit a somewhat different home – as any of the other cats in our shelter.
Our Career Cat program gives a second chance to these kitties who may not have anywhere else to go, and who would usually be deemed unadoptable by shelters.

We currently have many cats who would love to start “working” on your farm or ranch, or just about any other property where they have room to roam and access to shelter like a barn or shed. These kitties are great at their jobs – keeping rodents away – and they will grace your property with their beautiful presence!

Career Cats are usually placed in pairs and are easy to care for; we’ll help you get all set up and show you the ropes. If you’re ready to open your property and your heart to some cats in need, apply on our website here. No adoption fees necessary!