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Embrace compassionate choices this Thanksgiving

By |2023-11-20T15:23:03-08:00November 20, 2023|Advocacy|

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a flock of rescued turkeys up close at a farmed animal sanctuary in New York state. If you’re familiar with the brown-feathered birds roaming Marin’s open spaces, you might be surprised to learn that turkeys bred for their meat have white feathers, and — unlike their scrawnier wild relatives — are unable to fly due to their weight. The best part about meeting the turkeys was the sheer joy these birds exhibited when they received gentle scratches beneath their wings. They would sit still and close their [...]

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Don’t let animals get spooked this Halloween

By |2023-10-18T20:12:17-07:00October 18, 2023|Advocacy|

As the countdown to Halloween begins, I’ve been stocking up on candy and dusting off the spooky décor to ready my house and yard for a night of trick-or-treating. My young daughter loves the decorations — and, let’s be honest, the sugar high — that come with this frightfully festive night. But amidst all the fun, I always consider the impact on our pets and local wildlife. That’s because this spooky season comes with plenty of potential pitfalls for our four-legged friends, wild birds and more. Here’s how to protect animals this Halloween, without sacrificing the [...]

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Take Action! Urge your State Senator to support AB 1399 today.

By |2023-08-25T17:50:22-07:00August 25, 2023|Advocacy|

With special thanks to our friends at San Diego Humane Society! A lifesaving bill that will allow veterinary telehealth in California needs your help! Ask your state senator to support AB 1399 today. Currently, by law, veterinarians can only give medical advice after seeing pets in person — and the wait times for those in-person appointments can be long, stressful and inconvenient. The situation is even more dire for shelter animals in low attention regions of California. For many shelters, the closest veterinarian is 50 or more miles away, making physical visits incredibly challenging. AB 1399 will [...]

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Be bear aware. But don’t panic!

By |2023-07-20T13:41:00-07:00June 26, 2023|Advocacy|

Recently, a juvenile black bear has made a few appearances close to homes in Marin. Not surprisingly, this caused quite a stir but our friends at WildCare remind us that black bears are shy and absolutely prefer to avoid people. While awareness is important - it's just as important not to panic. If you see our wayward bruin, back away slowly and keep pets away. You can encourage the bear to move along by clapping or shouting loudly. We don't want him to become accustomed to humans and lose his natural wariness, which can lead to conflicts. While the knowledge [...]

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The Dark Side of Horse Racing

By |2023-05-22T15:30:53-07:00May 22, 2023|Advocacy|

“Sadly, the stench of death overwhelmed the Kentucky Derby and its magnificent athletes on Saturday. Five horses perished in the past week at Churchill Downs. … Then, on the Derby undercard, two more died. Seven horses gone.” So begins a May 6 Associated Press article, in what has turned into an all-too-familiar refrain of eulogies for racehorses who died at the country’s most prominent racetrack. Year after year, news of “catastrophic injuries” and dying horses make the headlines — some of which play out in the public eye. In one notorious case in 2008, Eight Belles, [...]

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