Compassion in Action at Any Age!

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These lovely ladies have a knitting club where they take the time to knit various items for non-profits. For Marin Humane they made some oh so cozy cat beds. Thank you to this wonderful group of friends for sharing their love of knitting with all the cats at Marin Humane and for demonstrating compassion in action at any age!

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Courage for Animals Club

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The Courage for Animals Club at Miller Creek Middle School held a bake sale recently and raised a whopping $200 for the animals of Marin Humane. We send a huge thank you to this very special student-run club for their generosity and compassion in ensuring all animals are safe, healthy, and most of all happy!

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The Great Giving Trio

By |2023-02-03T09:46:37-08:00February 3, 2023|Blog, Compassion In Action|

This awesome trio of friends raised $288 to support the animals of Marin Humane from their lemonade stand out in Bolinas! They also brought some amazing hand drawings to share with the animals and staff at Marin Humane. Thank you Willa, Dylan, and Rose for bringing a smile to our faces and for your thoughtfulness and generosity.      

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When Life Gives You Lemons…

By |2022-10-19T11:17:07-07:00October 7, 2022|Blog, Compassion In Action|

Mila and her sister Noa came to visit the animals that they raised money for with their lemonade stand.  Mila was brainstorming after bouncing on the trampoline and decided that the hot weather called for a lemonade stand.  She and a neighborhood friend generously raised money for the animals at Marin Humane on a very warm day. Thanks, Mila and Noa for your thoughtfulness and generosity!

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