During the pandemic, we decided to foster two kittens from Marin Humane. Well, like so many others do with their foster pets, we ended up falling in love with them and making the arrangement permanent by adopting them.

We were thrilled to celebrate Cleo & Leo’s 1st birthday recently! They got to enjoy tuna, a Mylar balloon with a long ribbon to play with, and a new cat toy with irresistible feathers.

These kitties have brought daily joy to our household since we adopted them from Marin Humane in 2020. Our son, Ethan (age 15), was “pet-skeptical,” having never had a pet before. Now, he and Leo are so bonded that Leo meows at Ethan’s door every morning to say hello, and when Ethan comes home from school, one of the first things he does is find Leo to be able to cuddle with him. The transformation from pet-skeptical to pet-loving has been truly heartwarming to witness.

And our daughter, Ella, insisted we let everyone know that Cleo is a lovebug. She has the softest fur imaginable, and she loves to give kisses to everyone. We’re so grateful these two kitties came into our lives!

Laura Bloch