At Marin Humane, we help transform lives, especially when it comes to the bond between animals and people.


At Compassion Corner, we welcome people with physical or cognitive limitations to come visit with specially-trained volunteers and their dogs, as well as kitties and small critters like rabbits.



Hosted twice monthly at Marin Humane’s Novato campus, Compassion Corner is a safe and comfortable space where participants can pet a gentle, smiling dog placed in their lap, feed lettuce to a guinea pig, or gently cuddle a kitten.



For some, Compassion Corner is their first experience spending time with animals; for others, it’s an opportunity to simply relax and enjoy unconditional love, reassurance and nonjudgmental acceptance.


If you’re interested in learning more about Compassion Corner, please contact Anne Oliver, director of volunteer services or 415.506.6267.