Congratulations are in order for Georgia Couderc and Gordon Robinson! They were both nominated for the Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership’s Heart of Marin “Volunteer of the Year” award. Read on for their respective Heart of Marin nominations:

Georgia Couderc: Georgia Couderc has been a volunteer with us since April, 2006. In the past 11 ½ years, Georgia’s dedication and commitment to Marin Humane have made her an indispensable and integral member of our organization. In fact, she has taken on a leadership role in a variety of areas key to the operation of Marin’s animal shelter.

Georgia has a huge heart and radiant smile. She exemplifies Marin Humane’s core values with her dedication to animals, collaborative spirit, courage and compassion, and pursuit of learning. She inspires staff and volunteers every day that she volunteers at the shelter by creating positive relationships with animals and people, too. Her commitment to Marin Humane is evidenced by the number of hours and days she spends at the shelter: nearly 1,400 hours over 220 days in 2017!

Georgia oversees groups of volunteers in three main areas. Her primary focus is her work in the veterinary clinic working several days a week for full days. Andrea Reese says, “If the veterinary clinic was an automobile, Georgia would be the fuel! She keeps us running. I honestly don’t know how we would function without her!” Additionally, Georgia runs the B&T animal bathing and grooming program. In this role she supervises 10 volunteers and has dedicated over 70 hours in 2017. Finally, Georgia runs the administration and intake for Pet Partnership dogs. She has committed 70 hours to this program in 2017 as well. On top of all that, she also collects and distributes excess donations to other shelters in need.

Gordon Robinson: “We’re all just walking each other home.” This quote by Ram Dass mirrors Gordon Robinson’s take on dogs residing at Marin Humane. Gordon does his best to ensure that all dogs get walked home, wherever that might be. Gordon wears many hats in the Behavior & Training Department. Gordon works as a Dog Training Assistant to help ensure that dogs don’t enter the shelter in the first place. However, once they are here, his team is responsible for getting the dogs into the mainstream system as soon as legally possible. Gordon walks and works with the most behaviorally challenged dogs as a Pet Pal. If the dog is having trouble in the shelter, no problem, he just takes them home for a behavior foster if our onsite behavior modification work through the B team isn’t sufficient. If a dog isn’t suitable for our program, he transports the dog wherever he needs to go. Finally, if a dog is sufficiently medically or behaviorally challenged and there are no other options, Gordon lovingly holds his paw as he passes over the rainbow bridge.

Marin Humane’s mission is to transform lives through exceptional animal care, humane education, and advocacy. Every day, Georgia and Gordon inspire compassion and positive relationships between people and animals. They are heroes to the staff, volunteers, and every animal whose life they touch. Thank you, Georgia and Gordon, for sharing your huge hearts and energetic spirits with everyone, animals and people alike!