We are delighted to honor the following volunteers with Milestone Anniversaries!

Kim Bromley – Kim is celebrating her 25th year as a Marin Humane volunteer. When asked what brought her to MH, Kim shared that she had a fairly high powered career with LONG days and lots of travel. Although she had a very flexible cat, living with a dog was out of the question. After having dogs all her life, she missed the dog energy so she came to Marin Humane for her “dog fix.”

She began as a Dog Pet Pal, then added fostering. She currently volunteers mostly as a foster, also substituting as a behavior evaluator or assistant. She has put her talent as a writer to good use by re-writing profiles for dogs and cats who have been available for adoption for more than 30 to 45 days. And, she helps with editing when big writing projects come up…like re-writing all of the behavior handouts.

When asked about an unforgettable moment in the past 25 years, Kim responded, “I used to do a lot of Pet Partnership trips. I met the dog of my heart, Maybelline, on a trip to Madera in 2004. She was covered head to tail with pink nail polish. Underneath that in places was blue nail polish. She looked like a slumber party gone wrong. The moment I saw her and held her is locked in my psyche forever.”

Kim says that what keeps her inspired and committed is the shelter animals. “Other species’ heart and resilience under pressure teaches me so much. I have learned about our common traits with other species – especially when it comes to feeling love and sadness, we are all breathtakingly alike. Volunteering at Marin Humane has been one of the great pleasures of my life”.

Larry Carson – Larry is celebrating his 20th anniversary as a Marin Humane volunteer. Larry came to MH to volunteer after retiring from his job. He began as a Dog Pet Pal, then was asked by Trish King to help her work on dog evaluations. His first evaluation was a 5-month old puppy that shortly became part of his family! He has also adopted a Pet Partnership Program black lab after fostering him. And, finally, he adopted Charley, another very special MH dog who has a special story. Charley was fostered at San Quentin and actually escaped from SQ…for real! Thanks to Larry, Charley was found after hiding out and evading capture by others. They were bonded forever.

Speaking of Pen Pals – this program was a brainchild of Larry’s. After seeing “Cell Dogs” on Animal Planet as well as visiting a prison in Nevada with a similar program, he researched and wrote protocols for a prison program here in Marin, presented it to our Executive Director, made the right connections at the right time at San Quentin, and the program was launched. Larry also designed and spearheaded the rebuild team for our current Dog Adoption Center.

Larry says that what inspires him is the dogs – seeing them get good homes. And, over the years, he has learned how much he likes little dogs! Larry is a big man with an even bigger heart that he has generously shared with Marin Humane for 20 years.

Janice Gioseffi  – Janice, a retired flight attendant, became involved with Marin Humane 20 years ago when her “wild child Doberman” chased a woman walking in front of their house. The woman claimed Haley bit her (no broken skin) but Haley was placed in home quarantine by our officers. “Right then and there, I decided I had better get into the good graces of that organization.” She heard about the volunteer orientation, she attended and became a Dog Pet Pal. “That was 20 years ago? Hard to believe but I have enjoyed every minute”.

An unforgettable moment for Janice is when she met a scared, shy white Chihuahua named Cossette. She was in the puppy pens, hidden under layers of blankets. When Janice finally was able to hold her, she seemed less scared and actually looked at her. She was gently petting her and talking to her, then realized she didn’t hear a word she said because Cossette was deaf. She has never forgotten her.

Janice adopted her Carolina Dog, Jesska, in 2007. Jesska had been in foster at San Quentin twice and, thanks to some additional nudging from Catherine in Adoptions to give her a try, Janice found her best buddy and hiking partner of 11 years!

What keeps Janice inspired is seeing, walking and playing with different dog breeds and knowing they will eventually be going to a good home. She loves working with the other Pet Pals and loves the Friday afternoon crew. She has learned that she “could tolerate muddy, poopy paws all over me AND carry on a conversation about the size and shape of healthy poop, or not, without batting an eye! When I show up at the shelter to walk dogs, all worries go away and I’m very happy!” 

Stacey Martinez – “All my life, as far back as I remember, I have loved and wanted to be around animals.  I grew up hoping and wishing I could do what Jane Goodall achieved for the betterment of animals. Growing up in New York City in an apartment building, sixth floor, I kicked and screamed till my parents assented to adopting a cat.”

Twenty years ago, Stacey’s first volunteer position was taking in kitten families which needed hands-on care. She loved doing that but her husband cried every time they brought them back. So, she switched to walking shelter dogs. She also spent time as a Pet Care Assistance volunteer, walking client’s dogs and delivering holiday gifts to the dogs. Currently Stacey volunteers in B&T as a DTA.

Stacey says, “I am inspired by seeing dogs and their owners learn together and knowing I played a small part in that.” She also mentioned that clicker training works on husbands!  And, she is anxious to try in on their 7-month old grandchild! “It is a pleasure to be part of such a great organization,” and we appreciate the 20 years she had contributed to Marin Humane!

Sandra Morrash – Sandra has dedicated her two decades of service in the Pet Care Assistance program! She found a volunteer job that suited her perfectly and has worked with the same client the entire time. Thanks to Sandra, she has help this client’s pets receive the extra supplies and care they needed every week for 20 years.  Thank you, Sandra, for your remarkable commitment to this pet guardian and to Marin Humane. 

Jen Myers – Jen learned about volunteering back in the late 80s when she was a flight attendant for PanAm and United. Her best friend, another flight attendant, was a volunteer for Marin Humane. Her first volunteer experience 20 years ago  was unofficial – “I fostered a sweet underage/underweight kitten (my first foster failure). I’d stopped at the shelter to give my friend some airline paperwork and she insisted that I meet a kitten that had just been brought in. Another volunteer, Julie Kaye, was in charge of the foster program at the time and was desperate to find a foster home for tiny, scared Oliver. Of course I said “yes” and the rest is history.

Jen adopted Oliver and then signed up to be a volunteer, officially. Working in the SHARE program (now Community Engagement) was her first actual “job” – delivering food, giving nail trims and some medical care for the client’s pets. She added Cat Pet Pal to her resume as soon as that opportunity arose.

Because she was employed as a vet assistant part time, she was asked to be a Clinic Volunteer. After 12 years, she stepped away from that commitment. “My back and knees have thanked me although I miss the pre- and post surgical care for the animals.” She has continued to foster cats and kittens: neo-nates, cats with medical issues, behavior issues and fospice. She also continues to volunteer in the Pet Care Assistance Program. She’s added Cat Evaluator and Animal Transporter to her volunteer list and teaches an annual Senior Cat Class for B&T.

“There have been so many rewarding experiences – seeing my kitten fosters grow up and get adopted, helping my medical fosters recover from serious injuries and thrive in their forever homes, sharing my experience and love for senior cats through the Senior Cat Class, helping to settle and sooth the fire evacuation cats and the hurricane cats, working with so many dedicated and passionate staff and volunteers – the list goes on.”

Thank you, Jen, for giving so abundantly to the kittens and cats in need of your heartfelt TLC!

Armie Rambke – Armie learned about volunteering at Marin, and specifically the Thrift Shop, after meeting Jody Wheeler in 1998 while they both were volunteering in the late 80s and early 90s for the Beasty Bonanza (a flea market benefiting Marine Mammal Center and Wildcare). Armie comes from a family of animal lovers starting with her grandfather, father, and siblings.  After her husband died in 1996, she wanted to keep busy so she joined the Thrift Shop, beginning with one day a month, then went to two days a month. “I enjoy talking to people and meeting fellow volunteers. I also enjoy when customers bring their dogs to the shop.”

After losing a pair of 18 year old “brother cats” last year, she adopted 13 year old cat, Sisy, from Marin Humane. She loves traveling and always enjoys coming home to her pets and her volunteer job! Thank you, Armie, for giving your time and your heart to volunteering!

Lois Kirkendall –  Lois asked not to be in the spotlight at the volunteer party but we want to acknowledge all that she has contributed over the years. She has given us 30 years of service beginning with special events and collecting money from donation canisters out in the Marin community. She also volunteered for 11 years in our SHARE (now Pet Care Assistance program), and is currently volunteering at the Thrift Shop. Thank you, Lois, for your tremendous dedication and commitment to Marin Humane!

We would also like to recognize the volunteers with 15 years of service at Marin Humane:

  • Joy Dal Santo, Dog Training Assistant
  • Lauren French, Foster
  • Rosemary Oliveira, B&T & DTA
  • Lisa Tarantino, Dog Pet Pal
  • Kate Vance, Cat Behavior Evaluator

Congratulations to all the volunteers with milestone anniversaries!