Phone number: 209-740-1067
Pet’s Location: Turlock, CA
Pet’s Species: Dog
Pet’s Name: Rocky
Pet’s Breed: Pit bull (could be a mix)
Pet’s Color: Grey/white and Brown
Pet’s Weight/Size 15 lbs. / small (will be mid-size)
Pet’s Age: 3 months
Pet’s Sex: Male
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Microchip: No
About the animal:

My Daughter is a Vet Tech and there was a little 8-week-old puppy dropped off at her clinic by a family. The family informed the clinic that they were driving and saw a puppy being thrown out of a fast-moving car. The family stopped and picked up the puppy and brought him to the clinic. The family left and my daughter’s clinic did x-rays on the puppy and discover ed that the puppy was being fed rocks. The Vet was thinking about putting the dog to sleep but my daughter informed the Vet that she will keep him until she finds a loving home for the puppy. The puppy has been in our care for a little over 2 weeks. My daughter got him his first shots and he is neutered. He is looking healthier now. Rocky has been through a lot. He is very friendly and loves to cuddle. He is just looking for some love and care. I am hoping to find a loving family for little Rocky. We named him Rocky.