Brian Cooley is an American journalist, frequently seen on CNET, CNN, ABC News and CNBC. He and his partner, Stacy O’Connell, first connected with Marin Humane when they brought in a bunch of stray cats. Soon they would foster 45 Marin Humane cats and adopt nine, usually the most challenging cases, like Cameron who was in bite quarantine three times before going forever home with them.

What first drew him in, was the fact that Marin Humane is not transactional. Brian said, “It is not an episodic place that exists only to cycle animals in and place them into new homes. It is vibrant; a strategic organization” with multiple programs working together to achieve the goal of having no homeless animals in the Bay Area by 2030.

Brian and Stacy also contribute financially to Marin Humane with shares of stock. With new tax laws that raised the standard deduction, donors wishing to make higher impact gifts have discovered that donating stocks increases what they can achieve.

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