Each semester, the participants in the Roots and Shoots Student Service Club choose a service project to benefit the community. In January, the two clubs decided to create Emergency Kits for the 200 clients in Marin Humane’s Pet Care Assistance Program. The purpose of these emergency kits would be to prepare clients in the event of an evacuation, especially during fire season. This was a hefty project. To begin, the club would need to raise the funds and collect donations to create the kits. Then, they would need to order materials and assemble the kits. Lastly, the kit would need to be delivered to those 200 clients all over Marin county.

Students decided to hold a bake sale as well as solicit donations from friends and family. All together, they raised $1,400 in one semester. During this time, they also determined what should go in these emergency kits, which supplies would need to be purchased, and which could be donated. As if this weren’t already a complicated project, we were forced into the Shelter in Place order half way through the club semester. Luckily, the finds had already been raised and we determined that the supplies could be ordered over the summer while the students in the Fall club would finish the project.

Come August, we were still operating in a modified shelter-in-place. After ordering materials, each student in the club received a large package of materials to assemble a small amount of kits. Via Zoom, we assembled the kits together and students received instructions on how to deliver their kits. Clients from the Pet Care Assistance program have been so grateful to receive their emergency kits and our students learned the value of helping others.