Layla and Jax – ADOPTED!

Best buddies Layla and Jax were surrendered to us when their person could not be home enough to give them the life they deserved. They are happiest when in each other’s company and in fact, splitting them up could create undue stress and anxiety for each of them and their adopters; we therefore want to find these two best friends a home where they can stay together.

Layla is a mix of Beagle and Pug – popularly called a “Puggle.” Although at 10 years old she is classified as a “senior,” she still enjoys playing with toys (especially small squeaky tennis balls!) and – in true Beagle fashion – following her nose. She doesn’t need quite as much exercise as a young Beagle, but she would surely be a star pupil in one of our scenting classes where she could put her nose to work. She is very friendly and enjoys being with people. An afternoon nap in the sun is high on her list. And treats.

Five year old Jax also has some Pug in his DNA; the rest could be terrier of some sort, or maybe Whippet – or both!  He is a bit shy at first and needs time to feel comfortable with new people and places. Once he’s relaxed, he enjoys being petted and working for treats. He will even offer you a “sit” for one! He would love to learn other commands and would enjoy attending a Family Dog 1 class.

Layla and Jax are a pretty mellow pair. They walk nicely together on leash and in fact will need at least one nice long walk every day. Although they really enjoy each other’s company, try to have things for both dogs to do with you separately, also. Taking classes individually is a great way to build their confidence, give them mental and physical exercise, and build a separate relationship with you.

Having a bonded pair of dogs is a wonderful experience. Come meet these two and see why.

Questions? Please call the Adoption Department 415-506-6225.