The wonderful volunteers in Animal Outfitters, our on-campus store, are true ambassadors for Marin Humane! They provide excellent customer service on a daily basis and work with a variety of people and animals in this retail environment.

We’re so fortunate to have knowledgeable, dedicated volunteers donating their time and energy every week to Animal Outfitters. They arrive each week on their regular day full of smiles, eager to greet the customers. They engage customers and new adopters, share stories and pictures, “oooh-ing and ahh-ing” over newly adopted animals and dogs attending classes.

Our volunteers devote their free time to do a variety of tasks in the store, including stocking, receiving, pricing, and cleaning. They hang dog clothing and when the season changes, box it up again and hang new items. Fitting harnesses, educating adopters on litter for felines, recommending toys and treats for dogs or toys to stimulate older cats – these are some of the things store volunteers also handle every day. Oh, and who do you think keeps those human snacks stocked? Of course, it’s the volunteers!

The Animal Outfitters staff is so appreciative of the volunteers who share their time at the store every week! We couldn’t do it without YOU!