At Marin Humane, we help transform lives, especially when it comes to the bond between animals and people.

At Compassion Corner, we welcome people with physical or cognitive limitations to come to our Novato campus to visit with specially-trained Animal-Assisted Therapy volunteers and their dogs, as well as kitties and small critters like rabbits.

Hosted twice monthly, Compassion Corner is a safe and comfortable space where participants can pet a gentle, smiling dog placed in their lap, feed lettuce to a guinea pig, or gently cuddle a kitten. And it is our volunteers who make Compassion Corner such a warm and inviting place.

One of our regular Compassion Corner volunteers, Bridget Helt, offers this, “My dog Ben and I love coming to Compassion Corner each month. In addition to getting to see the special connections formed between the Compassion Corner guests and the animals, I have been so touched by the love the guests give back to the animals. The participants are not only coming to receive love, but to give it back to their special animal friends. They are also very interested in learning about the shelter animals from the Marin Humane staff and frequently express their hope that those animals are adopted soon. It is a special hour for all participants.”

Geoff Kwiat, another Compassion Corner volunteer, says, “Compassion Corner is a near perfect venue in which to share Ed, my Marin Humane alum, with others who are unable to have a full-time pet relationship. The positive influences Ed brings to the table and the ways he makes me a better person are countless, so I want to share him with others as much as possible. I believe he has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi,’ a vibe if you will that makes others feel better, or cheer up, or laugh. Each and every little positive interaction Ed has with visitors to Compassion Corner makes the day a better day. Many thanks to Marin Humane and the dedicated team who make Compassion Corner happen.”

For some, Compassion Corner is their first experience spending time with animals; for others, it’s an opportunity to simply relax and enjoy unconditional love, reassurance and nonjudgmental acceptance. We thank our Compassion Corner volunteers for bringing joy and love to our guests.