We are fortunate to live in a very dog-friendly county, with many people out walking or going on hikes with their dogs.With this many dogs, guardians often seek training classes from Marin Humane to help their best buds become enjoyable companions at home and when they’re out and about.

When clients and their dogs come to class at Marin Humane, they’re greeted with warm and welcoming smiles from our Dog Training Assistants (DTAs). These volunteers are the anchor to the smooth-running and informative training classes. Not only do they proudly represent Marin Humane, but they serve as extra support to both clients/dogs and the instructor.

DTAs welcome clients and dogs with their positive and courteous attitude, ensure all of the equpiment is ready for class, and keep the class dyanmic, fun, and safe which is especially important when practicing recalls. DTAs also offer training support for clients who need more one-on-one guidance, serving as the instructors’ doppelgänger so each client receives the same training tips as well as close-up attention that’s tailored to each individual dog’s needs.

Many DTAs joined the team because they have a great interest in dogs and in gaining more knowledge about dog training. They get to learn the latest training philosophy from the instructors, share that learning with class clients, and help dogs improve their manners which strengthens the bonds between guardian and dog. DTAs are particularly skilled at helping guardians feel more relaxed with their sometimes over zealous dogs.

Our nearly three dozen Dog Training Assistants volunteer countless hours and effort to make each class successful for our clients. Their reward is to see rambunctious puppies mature into well-mannered young adults as they go through the series of class. They watch as dogs learn new behaviors and become more confident, awesome canine citizens. We are grateful and indebted to all the DTAs for dedicating their time, talents, and hearts to the Behavior & Training department!