This month we celebrate our amazing group of foster families!

Fostering requires an abundance of love for the animals they take into their homes … and so much more. Our foster parents provide basic care and tasks like keeping track of weight, giving medication, modifying behavior, socializing, cleaning, bringing their foster animals to the shelter for routine vaccinations, and for some animals, even more.

So is it worth it to foster? Yes, yes, yes! Last year, fosters provided 630 animals with a second, and some a third and fourth chance, at getting adopted! But it’s more than that. Daily, our fosters tell us how much fun they’re having; how fascinating it is to see kittens becoming more agile and interactive; how their foster dog is coming out of his shell and becoming more interested in exploring; how the baby bunny has discovered how to go up and down steps; and, how the rat they’re caring for has become easier to hold and inviting more attention.

Marin Humane is so fortunate to have a wonderful group of foster families that come to the rescue every day. When asked to find a foster for a specific animal or group of animals, fosters are quick to answer yes!, “we can take those kittens and will be there in just a few minutes.” Recently, three fosters worked with Scamp, a very shy dog, for over three months until he was ready for adoption. Another foster couldn’t wait for the hamster that had nine babies to come to us from another shelter so she could take them home and watch them grow up. And right now, there are fosters contacting me because they can’t wait for kitten season to start!

Every year, our foster volunteers rise to the occasion and take on myriad needs. Without this tireless group of volunteers, we would not be able to give hundreds of animals a year the extra time they required to be ready to find their forever homes.

We also welcome new fosters to discover the tremendous rewards in giving animals whatever they need to become available for adoption.

Time and again, fosters tell us how much they love their “job.” The love they give to each animal is its own reward. But we would also like to extend a huge thank you for their service. Fosters make a difference every day!