With our 2018 Humane Summer Camp season complete, the Humane Summer Camp staff would like to send their sincere and heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers and staff for helping make this camp year another amazing one! This year, we held 14 sessions of summer camp in 8 weeks! The many full-day double camps were made possible because of the incredible dedication from volunteer and staffs to making an impact on the kids’ lives. They were willing to share themselves and their animals with the campers for two months!

Marin Humane has many amazing volunteers who share their passions for all animals with our summer campers and inspire them in so many ways. Without them, summer camp would not be the engaging program that it is for the 300+ youth who attended this summer!

Here are a few highlights: Animal Ambassador volunteers were awesome for spending time with campers for Dog of The Day and our Summer Camp Dog Training on Thursdays AND Fridays. There were a few very warm afternoons this summer and we are so thankful to you for giving the campers this experience despite the heat. Special shout out to Kathie Meier, who brought double dog fun for Dog of the Day and training each week, three days in a row!

Paula Spencer and the fabulous Rabbit Romper Room Volunteers transformed the Ed Room for the campers each Wednesday so that everyone could get quality bunny time during camp. We even had one camper fall in love and adopt after the rest of his family met the bunny he sat with during Rabbit Romper Room.

Morning Animal Care volunteers were so patient as camp staffers came to the adoption area to bring kittens to camp almost daily, especially since the sessions visiting with kittens were on different days each week.

Kathleen Miller and her cat, Donny, came in for Cat of the Day on Tuesdays. Donny rode in style in his stroller, would explore the room and rows of campers, and then come back to his stroller for some pets from each kid.

There are so many people that help make summer camp a reality and a fantastic experience for all the kids. Thank you so very much for your continued support … and hope to see you next year!