MHSBoardMay2016eThe Marin Humane Society (MHS) is truly blessed with a great board of directors! This group of 11 volunteer leaders serves this organization in a very special way. The MHS board members provide strategic direction and deliberation as they approve and monitor the implementation of our strategic plan. They also have fiduciary and legal obligations – ensuring MHS has the proper resources to carry out our mission and that we follow all the many laws and regulations guiding nonprofits. Although board members are not involved in day-to-day operations, they work closely with staff to learn about the issues and concerns not only facing our organization but the animal welfare field in general.

Members attend board meetings, committee meetings and MHS functions throughout the year. They help as ambassadors, advisors, stewards, and contributors. They give so much of their time and support – it truly makes a positive impact on MHS (not to mention the fact that many on the board have adopted their companion animals from MHS).

We are pleased to shine a spotlight on this group who often don’t get the credit they deserve!

Currently our board is chaired by Heather Bowker and Lisa Doran serves as Vice-Chair. All in all, our board members have a diverse set of skills and experience– from animal law to investments, from veterinary medicine to architecture, and technology and finances (and that’s not all!). We are able to utilize those varied backgrounds to help determine and guide the overall health and future of the organization.

Our immediate past board chair, Robin Rodi, will be chairing the Strategic Planning Committee in the new fiscal year. Other committees include Advocacy (chaired by Brian Cooley), Audit (chaired by former board member Laura Goff), Finance (by Elsie Fletcher-Rosenthal) and Governance (chaired by Noelle Leca).

As the board approved the FY2016-17 budget, they also approved an architecture firm to help us create a new Facilities Master Plan. ARQ Architects will be helping us determine future needs and use for all our buildings and spaces on our campus. It is no small task trying to predict what we will be needing in the next decade or two regarding facilities so we’re all looking forward to working with their team over the next six months or so.

The MHS board members take their job very seriously and yet have a good sense of humor combined with a lot of compassion which makes for a great board.

We salute the MHS board of directors this month for all that they do to make MHS great organization it is!

By Nancy McKenney, CEO