Caring for shelter animals doesn’t stop when the shelter closes – it’s a 24/7, 365 days-a- year job. Shelter staff are here to help, and so are a special group of volunteers, the Medical Assistant Volunteers!

The Medical Assistant Volunteers (MAVs) perform a variety of tasks weekdays, weekends, and holidays. This team of seven goes above and beyond to help animals with medical needs. Their compassion and dedication are extraordinary. This can be a challenging role as some of the animals the MAVs care for may not be able to survive their illness; yet the volunteers still show up because they know these animals need them.

The Medical Assistant Volunteers get their training on-the-job. They get hands-on experience assisting in medicating an animal, giving vaccinations, nebulizing, drawing blood, bathing, cleaning cages/kennels, and restocking supplies. And they do all this (and more) with a smile on their faces!

Most of the MAVs also do other volunteer work at Marin Humane. For example, Lauren is a dog feeder and Dog Pet Pal; Barb volunteers in the veterinary clinic as well as doing intake of the Pet Partnership Program dogs; Dawn is a Cat Behavior Evaluation volunteer and Dog Pet Pal; Carolyn also volunteers in the veterinary clinic; Leah is a cat feeder and helps with summer camp; Audrey is a Cat Pet Pal; and Evie is on staff as the Animal Services Project Coordinator.

This dedicated bunch assists the staff at different times throughout the week. One MAV arrives at the shelter at 6pm and stays until 10pm – that’s on top of her full time job!

MAV’s also bring their own skill set to support the program. Lauren created a step-by- step medical assistant guide which has been tremendously valuable when training new volunteers. Thank you Lauren for going above and beyond!

Dawn brings her training background to her job by mentoring new MAVs. Her tenacity is key in tackling any task asked of her. So far, we haven’t found anything Dawn cannot do! Thank you Dawn for being a super star.

Barb is a “Jane of all trades.” Since she volunteers in many departments, her knowledge and training are a huge resource for the MVA position. Barb also helps remind staff of tasks that may have been forgotten but need to be done. So, now she’s creating a chart of tasks that staff and volunteers can review and check-off so nothing is overlooked!

The Medical Assistant volunteers have become an integral part of Marin Humane. We’re indebted to them for their dedication, knowledge, and compassion. MAVs R-O-C-K!