Overnight Fosters at Marin Humane are truly an amazing, dedicated group of volunteers. Over the past few years, our Overnight Foster group has grown tremendously and now includes nearly 40 volunteer families.

Overnight Fosters open their hearts and their homes to our adoption dogs that just need a little time away from their kennels and a nice, quiet home to get some much needed TLC. Amazingly, our Overnight Fosters don’t just take a dog for a night or two, most of them will take a dog every night until he or she gets adopted. And when that dog gets adopted, they barely take a breath before they take on a new house guest.

Giving these dogs a break from the shelter is a wonderful way to make their life easier. Our Overnight Fosters pick up their house guests at closing time and return them the next day before the shelter opens at 10am. Some of them even take their friend home on a Sunday night and keep them until Tuesday morning since the shelter is closed on Mondays. Besides giving our adoption dogs some R&R, our Overnight Fosters work on housetraining, good manners, socializing and more. By doing this, they’re setting our adoption dogs up for even greater success. These volunteers observe a lot about each dog’s behavior while in their home, thereby adding valuable information and insight to the profile for potential adopters to read.
This group of volunteers is so dedicated! It takes a LOT of time, flexibility and driving back and forth to be an Overnight Foster and these volunteers do it with open hearts and a smile.

When asked “Why do you like being an Overnight Foster?” here’s what a few of them said:
Barbara Ross: “Seeing the transformation from a dog who is afraid to a playful, affectionate and secure pup is what I most love about fostering. To have that little face look at you with eyes that say ‘I know you will keep me safe and be my best friend’ is the best feeling ever.”

Lauren Houde: “One especially fond moment is when Chloe was exploring our house upon entry and she found the bedroom. She took a flying leap onto the king size bed and ran in circles, rolled everywhere, four paws in the air, and then she stood in the middle and quivered with joy. I could almost hear her sing ‘A bed! A Bed! A BED!!! I am so HAPPY! I love BEDS! I am going to sleep in A BED tonight! A REAL BED WITH PEOPLE IN IT! Hip Hip Hooray!’”

Gretchen Andreis: “Best thing – Giving the foster love and getting as much back. Seeing them be curious, stimulated and then relaxed in a home environment. Worst thing – Having to say goodbye.”

Rita Plank: “I love everything about fostering, except when I have to bring my sweet foster back to the shelter. Thank you for allowing me to foster.”

Sue Driscoll: “I foster dogs because I can give them individual attention and affection while they await their forever homes. Both the dogs and I benefit from the experience.”

On behalf of your canine friends, thank you Overnight Fosters for all you do for us!

By Ruthie Tolleson, Adoption Supervisor