It’s safe to say that this year’s Woofstock was unlike any other. All week we monitored the weather forecast. We all had our favorite app – the one that forecasted a clear day. On Saturday, around 11:15am, after seeing that thundershowers were predicted, we knew we needed to make some major adjustments to, well, everything.

Band into the Pavilion, raffle into the Auditorium, vendors in front of the shelter under the eaves, Kids Zone into the CEO Patio. All of these changes required the movement of tables, chairs, tents, and many raffle items – in the rain. We even moved the portable toilets to be closer to the activities.

None of this would have been possible without the support and hard work of our volunteers. From the raffle coordinators who accepted the change in location without blinking an eye, to the volunteers from Novato Rotary who hoisted portable toilets onto the back of the utility cart and set up all the other areas, we could not have made the massive changes to the layout of Woofstock 2019 which allowed it to go on as planned.

Sunday’s squadron of volunteers was no less helpful. The van with 50 bags of ice arrived in the middle of a torrential downpour. No problem – the set-up volunteers delivered each bag to its proper location. Space for vendors in front of the shelter was impacted by an unfortunate splash zone created by a missing drainpipe. Vendor volunteers helped problem solve and find a good solution to make our vendors happy. The check-in volunteers warmly greeted our guests, thanking them for supporting the shelter. The VIP area was very popular because of the rain and food needed to be restocked quickly. The volunteers worked hard in tight quarters to fill empty platters. The beer and food volunteers handled the volume of the band with a lot of hand signals and gestures to serve our guests. Cashiers, raffle, and dog collar wine toss volunteers ensured all their areas ran smoothly. And extra huge thanks to the volunteers who came in and/or stayed late to clean-up and get us ready for business Monday morning.

With the help of nearly 100 volunteers we were definitely able to handle the curveball Mother Nature threw at us, but I hope that we never have to do that again!