Transporters-eWhat is an Animal Transporter? A Transporter is a volunteer who takes animals to offsite vet appointments or to various rescue organizations. They are a flexible group of volunteers that can be ready at the drop of a hat to respond to a last minute request for a trip around the block or to another state.

We had an emergency request to go to Winters (near Sacramento) to retrieve a mom and kittens in a trap. The request was sent to the team of Animal Transporters and within 15 minutes one was on her way to MHS to get the details for her assignment.

A major fire was blazing down the California coast and the Peninsula Humane Society needed to make room for the animal evacuees. A Transporter drove to the Peninsula shelter to bring some of their adoption animals back to MHS so we could care for them here and assist with the Peninsula’s efforts to shelter animals from the fire.

“No longer do we have to worry about how we will get an animal to a rescue or veterinary appointment,” says Keri Fennell, Director of Shelter Services. “Our transport volunteers are always willing and able to help no matter how far we ask them to go.”

Our Animal Transporters have driven chinchillas to San Francisco, bird dogs to Oregon, cats to Santa Cruz, rats to Sonoma, a Doberman to Stockton, a beautiful Tibetan Mastiff to Los Angeles, a baying hound mix to Sutter Creek and senior dogs to Muttville in San Francisco.

They’ve also taken our animals to dental, spay/neuter, ophthalmology and ultrasound appointments. This has enabled the MHS veterinary clinic to handle the backlog of our senior cats that are waiting to have a medical procedure before they become available for adoption. A wonderful side benefit has been that at least two of the outside veterinarians who have treated our cats have gone on to adopt them. Even their vet techs have fallen in love and adopted animals.

MHS has been able to handle “kitten season” by taking some of them safely and securely to offsite appointments. Transporters have been known to take up to seven crates in their SUVs.
We work with a wonderful network of veterinary hospitals in Marin and beyond including; San Marin Animal Hospital, Marin Pet Hospital, Pet Emergency Specialty Center of Marin, Aggie Animal Dental, and San Francisco Veterinary Specialists to name a few.

The really great thing about being an Animal Transporter is the fact that you play an integral part in that animal’s journey toward finding their forever home. It really doesn’t get better than that.

A huge thank you to all the Animal transporters for making a world of difference!

By Mary Stumpo, Animal Care & Animal Transporter Volunteer Coordinator