No Animals Left Behind

As our region recovers from the devastating fires and the widespread power outage, we’d like to take a moment to share our experience and to simply say, thank you.

As soon as we learned about the Kincade fire, we knew we wanted to help. Our first step was to prepare our shelter to accept the pets of evacuees, but we urgently needed to make space for them.

Thanks to our partner organizations, we transferred out most of our adoption animals. This allowed us to offer free, emergency boarding for evacuated pets for as long as their guardians needed us.



Care & Love

We also set up a temporary animal shelter at the Marin Civic Center evacuation site, providing pet food, supplies, and hands-on help for the pets of evacuees who were sheltered there.

Very soon after, our Novato shelter and Kitty Corner location lost power due to the PG&E shut-offs. This was followed by 57% of the cell towers in the county going dark. We lost internet, phones, refrigeration, HVAC, laundry, and other basics we depend upon. Communication became increasingly difficult with many text messages and phone calls failing. With loads of laundry piling up and many staff without power in their own homes, it was extremely challenging — but that didn’t stop us from working nonstop to care for our new guests!

We assisted more than 200 animals at both locations. Staff and volunteers worked tirelessly to make sure each animal received as much care as possible, including medical checks, enrichment activities, walks, and of course, lots of love.


Happy Reunions, Fond Farewells

Soon enough, the first animals were reunited with their guardians. We’d like to share this news story with you, which shows some of the animals going home. There were many tears of joy among guardians, staff, and volunteers alike.

We’re incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support from our community. Because of your generosity, we’re able to help when and where it’s needed most.

Thank you to everyone who donated! We couldn’t do it without you!


10/31/19 12:00 noon

As of noon today, we are now open for regular shelter business. We have adoptable cats at the Novato shelter (and of course at Kitty Corner), but most of our available dogs are currently in foster care. Please call 415-506-6225 to meet them!

Behavior & Training classes will resume on Saturday.

10/30/19 11:00 am

  • As of yesterday morning, power at our Novato shelter was restored and this morning, power was restored to our Kitty Corner location. The Novato shelter remains closed for adoptions but Kitty Corner is open and has adoption cats looking for forever homes!
  • While some folks were able to bring their animals home, we’re still caring for many pets of evacuees at both our Novato location and the Marin Civic Center evacuation site.
  • Staff and volunteers are working hard to make sure each animal receives as much care as possible, including medical checks, enrichment activities, walks, and of course, lots of love!
  • We are in close contact with the county Emergency Operation Center and stand ready to help in any more events and evacuations.
  • Please consider a donation to help in our efforts.

10/28/19 12:00 noon

As of today, we are caring for more than 150 evacuated animals, located at the Civic Center and our shelter. We still have space at Marin Humane: If you or someone you know can’t take their animals with them, please come to the shelter at 171 Bel Marin Keys Blvd, where they will be cared for by our staff and volunteers. Guardians may visit their animals. Veterinary care is available.

⚠️ If you would like to help, please consider making a donation.

⚠️ Field Services will be able to respond to urgent concerns at (415) 883-4621.

⚠️ All Behavior & Training classes are canceled through at least Friday.

10/27/2019 2:00 pm

At this time, the shelter is closed for adoptions (we have transferred our adoption animals to other organizations), and OPEN FOR EVACUEES if you cannot take your pets with you.

Please bring your pet’s veterinary records and food with you, to help us keep them safe and comfortable during their stay with us.

For urgent concerns, call (415) 883-4621.

10/27/2019 10:00pm

The situation is rapidly changing, with evacuation centers filing up and even having to be evacuated themselves. If you’re evacuating with animals, here’s what we know:

– We understand that the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds is now at capacity for livestock. People with livestock are encouraged to head to the fairgrounds in Petaluma or Alameda. In Petaluma they are accepting ONLY large animals at this time (no people or smaller pets).

– If you’re evacuating with your smaller pets (dogs, cats, etc.) we strongly encourage you to take them with you to wherever you evacuate or find them a safe place to stay at a friend or relative’s home. We are currently accepting the pets of evacuees as a last resort but the situation remains very uncertain in Marin between the power outages and the movement of the fires, so we ask people to please exhaust all other resources first. More than anything, we want to make sure your pets are SAFE!

– If you need shelter for both yourself and your smaller animals, the shelter at the Marin County Civic Center is now OPEN but they are filling up quickly.

– We are without full power at our shelter currently, which affects our phone systems, and our officers are stretched very thin so we ask that everyone please be patient with us and consider waiting on any non-emergency animal-related calls.

– Today we’re starting to transfer adoption animals to shelters further south to make space as the situation develops.

– Want to know how you can support our shelter’s efforts? Because the situation is changing so quickly, a donation on our website is the easiest way to help. Funds allow us to respond to specific needs or purchase necessary supplies at a moment’s notice: marinhumane.org/donate

– We are also accepting donations of towels since we’re currently unable to do laundry due to the power outage and we sure do go through lots of towels here!


10/26/2019 2:00pm

Evacuation and Incident Map, courtesy of The Press Democrat

As the Kinkade Fire grows, we’re stepping in to assist our fellow shelters in Sonoma County. Today we’ll be transferring in adoption animals from the Humane Society of Sonoma County to help provide them with space for animals from the evacuation zone, and we may take in more as the situation develops.

How can you help? Come adopt! Help us make space to take in animals from other shelters in need as more and more people evacuate. If you’ve been thinking about adopting, now is definitely the time. You can check out all the animals waiting to meet you right here on our website.

To help support Marin Humane’s efforts, please consider a donation.

POWER OUTAGE UPDATE: Conditions in Marin and the North Bay are rapidly changing. PG&E just announced that most of Marin County will be without power, likely including our Novato shelter and our cat adoption center, Kitty Corner, in San Anselmo. Power should start to go out around 4pm.

Rest assured that all animals at both our locations will be kept safe and comfortable during the outage. However, this will impact our phone system and our internet so we thank you in advance for your patience. We will continue to provide updates as we receive more information.