HamsterReunionSometimes the most heartwarming stories come in the smallest of packages.

Our Customer Service department received a call from a woman who thought she had a bat in her apartment. An Animal Services officer was dispatched to safely remove the bat from her residence, and upon arrival the woman and the officer heard sounds coming from the wall. After further investigation our officer saw a tiny little nose. But the nose didn’t belong to a bat as originally thought, it belonged to the tiniest stray animal the shelter has ever taken into custody (we think)….. a hamster! Our officer was able to catch the hamster and bring it back to the shelter in the hopes that it would be reunited with its guardian.

As it turns out, a neighbor a few doors down from where the call originated was missing her hamster. After comparing stories, the hamster guardian contacted MHS to confirm that the wee runaway was in our custody.

Within a matter of hours the guardian and her hamster were reunited!

After reviewing our records we determined that this was the first stray hamster we have taken in that has been successfully reunited with his guardian!

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