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  1. I am adding my pet to the No Place Like Home online listing with Marin Humane. All listings will be reviewed and posted within 24 to 72 hours.
  2. My pet is spayed/neutered. All dogs, cats, and rabbits must be spayed or neutered before posting. (You may qualify for financial assistance through our Pet Safety Net).
  3. I understand that these listings are reserved for personally owned animals and I am not posting on behalf of a shelter or rescue organization.
  4. I will update Marin Humane if my animal finds a new home, or if I am able to keep him/her. Your post will remain on our site for 60 days. It is your responsibility to update Marin Humane regarding the status of your listing.
  5. I understand that my contact information will be listed in this posting, including email address and phone number.  

One last thing: If you are rehoming your pet due to a behavior concern, our Behavior & Training department may be able to provide you with some tools that can address the issue!

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