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Sometimes it’s best to keep your pooch at home.

Too Hot for Spot helps dogs in hot carsMarin Humane urges pet guardians to leave their animal companions at home during warm weather days. Pets, cars, and warm days don’t mix. Running into the store for “just a minute” can be dangerous for an animal left in a car:

  • When you turn off your car, all ventilation stops. A car’s interior can reach 160 degrees in a few minutes, even on mildly warm days.
  • Animals in hot cars are at risk for brain damage, heat stroke—even death.
  • It is against the law in Marin County to leave a pet unattended in a vehicle on a warm day. Any law enforcement officer can and will use whatever means are necessary to remove a pet from a vehicle if an animal is in distress.

As temperatures rise, the best thing to do is leave your pets at home. Provide plenty of fresh water and limit outdoor activities. If you see an animal in a car on a warm day, get the vehicle description and license plate and call Marin Humane immediately at 415.883.4621. Your call could save an animal’s life!

“Right to Rescue” Law

We were happy that State Assembly Bill 797 (Citizen’s Right to Rescue) passed with little to no opposition. Citizens are protected from civil liability for property damage to a motor vehicle if they rescue an animal in distress ONLY IF they follow a few important steps:

  • You must believe an animal’s safety is in immediate danger;
  • You must determine the vehicle is locked or the animal can’t reasonably be removed;
  • You must have a good faith belief that forcible entry is needed to save the animal from imminent danger or suffering;
  • You must contact law enforcement, including animal services or “911” before removing the animal;
  • You must remain with the animal in a safe location near the vehicle;
  • You must use no more force necessary to enter the vehicle and remove the animal, and
  • You must immediately turn the animal over to a representative from law enforcement.

While we applaud laws that work to give animals more protection, we are equally excited by laws that help change human behavior and save animal lives. So whether you’re a pet guardian or a concerned citizen, this new law helps protect both. As always, Marin Humane stands ready to respond to animals in trouble, 24/7. We’re one quick phone call away at 415.883.4621.