Get Help

Marin Humane handles all complaints from the public concerning animal issues.

To report an incident or submit a complaint, please call 415.883.4621 during regular business hours.

Animals In Distress

  • Dog in a hot car, dog tangled on chain, animal without shelter

Cruelty & Neglect

  • Animals not receiving proper care and attention, mistreatment, cruel acts, etc.

Aggressive Animals

  • Animals posing a public safety threat, including those that have bitten

Feeding Wildlife

  • Intentional feeding of wild animals

If the incident is an emergency requiring an immediate response, please call 415.883.4621 or call 911.

  • Barking dog complaints fall under the noise violation ordinance enforced by your local police department or sheriff’s office.
  • For dogs that create a nuisance by frequently running at large, please call Marin Humane at 415.883.4621 to put the area on patrol.