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Don’t kit-nap kittens!

What to do when you find kittens

When we find baby animals outside, our first instinct is to help. Thankfully, with kittens, it’s usually not necessary to intervene and “kit-nap” the litter. In fact, mom’s care is critical for their survival! If you’re worried about the kittens’ safety, simply observe from a safe distance and note if mom returns from her search for food.

If you’re certain mom won’t return, and you’ve spotted no trace of her for at least eight hours, the kittens may be orphans. Here’s what do do next:

  • Consider being a foster parent! Set them up in your bathroom or other enclosed space, and we’ll provide you with a foster care kit including food, bedding, supplies, and more. We’ll be with you every step of the way, providing advice and encouragement!

Bringing the kittens to the shelter may seem like an obvious choice, but their chance of survival is much higher in a home, where they’re protected from stress and disease.

  • Once they’re eight weeks old or weigh two pounds, they can be spayed/neutered and rehomed. We’re here to help! Contact Marin Humane for support, and consider listing the kittens on our No Place Like Home private rehoming service!

Questions about caring for young kittens? We recommend the following resources: