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Help pets get off on the right paw. Become a foster parent!

Our Hopalong Foster Care Program is devoted to finding care for our most vulnerable critters.

Learn more about our foster program.

What is animal fostering?
Foster families provide a loving, temporary home to animals who aren’t quite ready for adoption. A home environment is much less stressful on pets versus the shelter environment and it allows us to learn more about the personality and habits of each animal.

Fostering isn’t a trial adoption—it’s for those who want to care for and nurture our special animals (although some foster parents do fall in love with their little charges and end up adopting).

Our foster homes are throughout the Bay Area including Marin County, the East Bay, and San Francisco. Animals are picked up and receive regular check-ins at two locations: our main campus in Novato and our Hopalong Program office in Oakland.

How long is the foster commitment?
Fostering might last from a week to a month or more. The length depends on each animal’s situation and what works best for you. Most animals come back to the shelter for vaccinations or other medical care and some come back during the day to meet potential adopters.

What types of animals need foster homes and why?
The most common animals needing foster homes are dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens. Many just need some time to grow big and strong, some are recovering from surgery, or working on their manners. New moms and their puppies and kittens thrive in foster homes.

Are there any expenses for a foster parent?
Nope! We provide all the food, supplies, etc. You simply provide the TLC!

What if my foster animal needs medical care?
Our veterinary staff will provide medical care or refer you to an offsite veterinary hospital for additional treatment, which will be covered by us.

How do I become a foster parent?
Please attend one of our volunteer orientations at either our Novato campus or our Oakland office. But no worries if you’re unable! You can still get started on your foster parent journey by completing this foster application.

Our orientations are a great way for you get to know us better, learn more about fostering, as well as additional volunteer opportunities. Schedule your spot at an upcoming orientation by registering here.

For those willing to open up their homes and hearts, fostering is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have!