Get Involved

Learning is fun and inspiring when animals are the teachers!

Here’s a sampling of the lessons, but we’re happy to cater a special lesson just for you and your students!

  • Meet & Greets – Students will have the opportunity to practice social skills with people and dogs. They’ll learn the safe way to meet dogs and will practice with the volunteer animal ambassador teams (person and dog).
  • Dog Math – Students will have the opportunity to measure different parts of two very different dogs and then compare the numbers. After the comparison, they can complete different math equations.
  • Pet First Aid – After a lesson in basic pet care, students will discuss how to keep pets healthy. They’ll listen to a dog’s heart with a stethoscope and practice bandaging a dog’s leg. All equipment is provided, as well as the animal “patients.”
  • Dog Safety in the Car – Students will learn about the safest way to travel with a dog, comparing his/her needs to the student’s needs for safety. If the weather allows, students can observe dogs in their travel crates or car seats.
  • Pet Care Pluses & Minuses – Students will learn about basic pet care compared to their own care. They will answer “+” or “-” to pet care statements using their own personal whiteboard paddles to show their answers!
  • Animal Photography – Students will photograph a variety of dogs and each other. We’ll supply the digital cameras and post the photos online for the students and their families. A second follow up lesson can be booked which will provide students with the materials to created a scrapbook of their photographs.
  • Five Senses & Odor Recognition Demonstrations – Students will learn how their five senses compare to a dog’s then watch as a dog uses its super sniffer to find a scent hidden in their classroom
  • Agility Demonstration – Students can watch a demonstration of canine agility. They’ll work with dogs as the dogs leap over small jumps and go through tunnels. It’s a great lesson in being active and learning about positive reinforcement training for dogs.

For more information about any of our classes, contact the Youth Program Manager.