Greetings volunteers!

The Sweet 16 Anniversary Gala is this Saturday, September 10th. Whether you’re attending the Gala or not this year, the silent auction is open to everyone! Click here to check out the local getaways and pet-themed items and start bidding on your favorite items! Silent auction bidding is open now and closes on Sunday, September 11, following the Gala. So please encourage friends and family to join in the bidding and support the shelter animals! 

Shelter update: We currently have 186 animals in our care: 54 animals in foster and 132 animals in the shelter/Kitty Corner. Our residents include: 27 dogs, 51 cats, 21 kittens, 13 rabbits, 8 guinea pigs, 1 rodent, 1 reptiles, 6 birds, and 4 fowl. 

Adoptions update: Happy Wednesday! We hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and that you’re staying nice and cool during this intense heatwave! Keep pets cool by keeping them at home. Cars turn deadly hot in just minutes in this heat, and hot asphalt and concrete can easily burn paws. Opt for outings in the early morning and in the late evening to take advantage of cooler temperatures. Your pets will thank you! We all probably need a little something to lighten our spirits, so here’s this week’s adoption slideshow! Hope you also enjoy the Adoption Report of all the animals that moved out of the shelter and into loving homes! 

Happy ending! Moose joined me in 2019 right after I had graduated from graduate school and moved back to Marin from NYC. It was a big transition! Difficult to say the least. In the last semester of graduate school my childhood dog crossed the rainbow bridge, so coming home to a house without a dog was lonely. Thankfully, Moose was waiting for me. Over past three years, Moose has become my soul dog. He is my best friend. He is loved by family and friends, neighbors, daycare staff, and all the strangers he greets with his nose on their hands as we walk by. He’s never met a throw pillow he didn’t like. His new favorite word is “squirrel”, but he also knows many others. He really is an angel, and I’m lucky to be Moose’s mom. Thank you, Marin Humane, for bringing us together. Love, Moose and Mari.”

Volunteer High Five to Animal Care Volunteers! I would like to give our amazing Animal Care volunteers a high five! We have 49 active volunteers who help us out every single week in Animal Care. We rely heavily on everyone and their time and work is invaluable! We also have 23 transport volunteers who are on standby for our transport needs and 9 new volunteers in training. To break it down a bit…

Thank you Kendall, Kathy, Kristen, Laurie, Griselda, Diane, Gwenda, Logan, Mike, Jessica and Lilli for helping us clean our cat and Small Companion Animal housing areas!

Thank you Garry, Mandi, Collin, Gennifer, John, Marcia, Reiko, Marla, June, Anne, Savannah, David, Tiffany, Monica, Wendy, Race, Joanna, Faruk, Kat, Emma, Theani, Suzy, Candice and Lee for all of your help ensuring that our cats and dogs get fed every day!

Thank you Linda, Iris, Annette, Heidi, Sue, Helen, Viv, Lorne and Melinda for helping us with the mountains of laundry we have every day!

Thank you Cathy, Linda, Cynara, Chris, Donna and Gail for helping us make and distribute enrichment to all of the dogs every day!

Thank you Annette, Heather, Mardi, Lynes, Shirley, Joe, Dinah, Kathleen, Marilyn, Jane, Elizabeth, Tracey, Brock, Josie & Malcolm, Anastasia, Arline, Rainey, George, Teresa, Leanne, Scott, William and David for helping us transport the animals to their next destination!

Lastly, thank you to the 9 new volunteers who are joining us soon! We appreciate you SO much! ~ Kyle Dunlop, Animal Care Supervisor

Tails of Marin: Sadly, a common reason animals end up in a shelter is because their guardian died or became incapacitated and didn’t have a plan for rehoming their beloved pet. As Marin’s open-door shelter, Marin Humane accepts any Marin County animal surrendered to us, but our innovative Guardians Program offers the opportunity to plan for your treasured pet’s compassionate care and smooth transition to a new home, should something happen that prevents you from doing so. This benefit is available to our Legacy Society participants who make an annual donation in any amount. Many pet guardians have shared that this frees them from worry, knowing a well-thought-out rehoming plan is in place. Read more about enjoying peace of mind in this week’s Tails of Marin.

Volunteer High to Frankie Malsam! “I’d like to give a big high five to Frankie Malsam! If you’re working on campus and around shelter animals, I’m sure you’ve seen Frankie. She does basically everything a Dog Pet Pal (DPP) can do, and more. She walks shelter dogs three times a week (sometimes more), walks some of our most difficult dogs who have special walk teams, helps with playgroups, brings dogs to scenting, has helped us muzzle train two dogs, walks dogs on Bite Quarantine, works with new DPPs in training, and even cleans kennels at the end of her PM walking shift. PLUS, she fosters! Right now she has one of our more behaviorally difficult dog, Max. Frankie is so good that Max basically doesn’t have behavior problems anymore. Frankie may be petite, but she never shies away from taking out the biggest, craziest dogs. We don’t know what we’d do without her. Next time you see Frankie, give her a big high five and share your thanks!” ~ Jane Aten, Behavior & Training Canine Volunteer Coordinator

Another adorable happy ending! “We just wanted to give you an update on Coco Bean. We adopted him from Marin Humane on March 22nd. After adopting him, one of my sons changed his name to Bowie because he has different colored fur around his eyes, and the singer David Bowie had different colored eyes. Bowie is incredibly sweet and super smart. All of us absolutely adore him! I have trained him on how to make circles and shake hands, and I attached two videos of him doing those tricks. He also knows how to step onto little raised surfaces on command; however, that video of him is a bit too big for me to email to you. Thank you so much for introducing us to Bowie and for all that you do for Marin Humane! Sincerely, Annette.”

Stay cool and hydrated!