Greetings Volunteers,

Did you miss the Volunteer Blog?! I hope the answer is “yes!” Well, I had a lovely time on vacation and among the highlights were seeing these cuties to the right :). I feel reinvigorated just in time for National Volunteer Appreciation Week which starts on April 16th (though every week should be volunteer appreciation week!). But for now, there’s a whole lot to catch-up on, so here we go …

Shelter update: We currently have 172 animals in our care at Marin Humane: 56 animals in foster and 116 animals in the shelter/Kitty Corner, including: 22 dogs, 4 puppies, 43 cats, 2 kittens, 14 rabbits, 14 guinea pigs, 13 rodents, 1 reptiles, 2 birds and 1 fowl. Hopalong has 54 animals in their care, 9 animals in the Oakland office and 45 cats and dogs in fabulous foster homes or offsite adoption sites!

Adoptions update: There’ve been so many adoptions while I was away, thought you’d like to see all the adoption slideshows: March 20-26; March 27-April 2; and, April 3-9! And here’s one cumulative Adoption Report for the past three weeks. You’re welcome! Congratulations to all of the adopters! We were especially excited that Ace was adopted by his former handler at San Quentin (photo to the left)! The whole family came along for the occasion. (Here’s more info on our Pen Pals of San Quentin program.)

Hopalong happenings! An egg-cellent time was had by all at the mobile adoption event this past Saturday at the Greenbrae Woodlands Pet Food & Treats store! In addition to the usual bundle of adorable and adoptable pups, there were also some extra Easter treats and festivities for attendees. As you can see, a few of our puppies even got to pose with the Easter bunny before hopping along to their forever homes! We’re grateful to all our fantastic volunteers who make these events possible, they really put a spring in our step!

Great rescue: Brett Trumper, one of Marin Humane’s fantastic Animal Services Officers, wrote this: “I witnessed a great rescue today. A dog was reported running at large; it then ran into the Richardson Bay and swam out into the Bay in Mill Valley. I responded to the Pohono Street side and Officers Carolyn & Chelsea responded to the Seminary Drive side of the Bay. Police and fire responded as well. An on-looker pointed out a small white dog swimming in the Bay. I had binoculars and could see a kayaker paddling fast to get to the dog. I watched from the shore as the kayaker collected the scared swimming dog and continued paddling across the Bay with the dog to a fire fighter who then passed it to ASO’s Carolyn and Chelsea. The kayaker should be honored for this rescue but I do not know who he or she is. I think a minute longer and the dog would have drowned from exhaustion. Carolyn and Chelsea took the dog (pictured here) to Pet Emergency; apparently, our customer service reps received a missing report of this dog so we were able to notify the guardians. They were visiting the area from LA and lost the dog a few hours ago. Great job everyone!”

Speaking of Animal Services Officers … Happy National Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week! This week, we’re celebrating our officers and everything they do for our community! We call our officers Animal Services Officers and they have one of the toughest jobs at the shelter. Wildlife in peril? They’re ready to rescue! Stray dog on the loose? Here they come to save the day! Humane case in need of investigation? They’re on the case and ready to get to the bottom of it. Not to mention all the deployments to various wildfires we experience in the Bay Area and beyond! Our officers are truly our superheroes. If you see one of our trucks out and about, we hope you’ll give our officers a smile and a wave to thank them for their hard work, this week and every week!

Woofstock – wine needed! Woofstock is just a few short weeks away and one of the big fundraisers at the event is the Dog Collar Wine Toss game. To facilitate this game, our events manager, Molly Foley, is looking for donations of all varietals of wine, anything priced $5 and over (no Two Buck Chuck, please), keeping in mind that guests are paying $10 to participate :). Bottles can be brought to Molly in the MarCom Office or the Development Office. Thank you in advance for your donations!

Columbia Sportswear store discount: The Columbia Employee Store perk has arrived. Time to go shopping for your summer gear! This offer is for Marin Humane + Hopalong volunteers and valid April 7th – April 30th! Here’s the Columbia Sportswear Store Spring Invitation. Happy shopping :).

Community clinic this Saturday! After much postponing due to rain, it looks like the weather will be on our side for our next FREE Community Clinic on Saturday, April 15th. If you’re struggling to afford veterinary care for your pet, join us from 11am – 1pm at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Marin City for free vaccinations, microchipping, flea/tick treatments, food/supplies, and a mini check-up by a veterinarian! Call 415-506-6238 for more info. Personas que hablan español son bienvenidos!

Marin Humane’s Guardian Program: If you become unable to care for your pets, responsibility for them could become a burden for friends or family. Your beloved companions might end up alone and bewildered. It’s comforting to know there is a solution! Members of Marin Humane’s Legacy Society can enroll their pets in our Guardians Program, and if they become incapacitated or die during their pet’s lifetime, we will care for their beloved companions and find them a new forever home based on detailed information provided at the time of enrollment. And if your pets need to be adopted together, we will honor your request – though placement may take a little longer.

Making a plan for your cherished pets is an act of devotion. Guardians Program enrollment provides much-needed stability for your pet, and reduced strain on family and friends. And you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing you have a plan in place. If you would like information about Marin Humane’s Legacy Society or Guardians Program, click here or contact Nan Zimmerman at 415-506-6233 or at

Tails of Marin: Spring may feel like the right time to neaten up your garden and prune your trees, but be careful — wildlife is probably using those branches as a nursery, even as you read Protect Baby Squirrels By Holding Off Tree Trimming. Thank you to WildCare for this important piece! Also, enjoy Why It’s Important To Share Marin’s Trails Safely, written by our volunteer Neil Lurssen.

Happy spring!