Greetings Volunteers,

This week is National Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week, but we’re grateful for their dedication to animals — and people — all year round! In Marin, animal services officers, known as animal control officers in many communities, provide a wide array of services to both animals and people. In the span of one day, a Marin Humane animal services officer might interview a dog bite victim in Stinson Beach, inspect a grooming business in San Rafael, rescue a squirrel stuck in a fireplace in Kentfield or return a dog to its worried guardian in Mill Valley. Read more about the critical work our animal service officers perform 365 days a year in this week’s Tails of Marin.

Shelter update: We currently have 176 animals in our care: 78 animals in foster and 98 animals in the shelter/Kitty Corner. Our residents include: 20 dogs, 7 puppies, 30 cats, 21 kittens, 7 rabbits, 6 guinea pigs, 1 bird, and 6 fowl. 

Adoptions update: Happy Wednesday! WOW, we had a lot of adoptions last week. We all love to see it! And yes, that’s Blake in the slideshow (and to the left), who finally found his perfect family after waiting more than 3 months. To say we’re thrilled would be an understatement! Here’s the wonderful adoption slideshow. There are still lots of animals waiting and their paws are crossed that this week will be their lucky week. Get all the deets on last week’s adoptions in the Adoption Report; enjoy!

Officer Trumper for the save! This beautiful Great Horned Owl got stuck in a backyard baseball net in San Anselmo on Saturday! Fortunately, one of our awesome Animal Services Officers, Brett Trumper, was able to safely extricate him and transport him to our friends at WildCare where we hear he’s doing great! It’s a great time to celebrate wildlife rescue since it’s National Animal Control Officers Appreciation Week and wildlife rescue is a big part of their job here at Marin Humane! Three cheers for all of Marin’s ASOs!

Volunteer in the veterinary clinic? We are looking for a volunteer to help in our veterinary clinic on Fridays, from 11am-3pm. Take a look at this Vet Clinic Volunteer Job Description. If you’re got vet clinic experience, or you’re interested in learning more, plus have Fridays free, email me at Thanks for your consideration.

Woofstock tix: If you’re looking for fun in the sun, listening to music, chowing on some fab food from food trucks, and supporting the shelter animals, there are few days left to purchase your “early bird” tickets to Woofstock — Sunday, May 22nd 12-5pm. Use code VOL50 through April 15 for half off. Buy your tickets here (tip: once you click on the green “tickets” button, click on the blue “enter the promo code” at the top of the page).

Volunteering at Woofstock: We’re working on finalizing the volunteer jobs/shifts at Woofstock. Look for an email early next week with a list of where we could use your help at Woofstock 2022!

Volunteer High Five to Chris Hinnart, Lauren Mack & Sedra Fleming! This Volunteer High Five is for three special fosters who stepped out of their comfort zones to save the lives of six newborn puppies. In early February, Clearlake Animal Services received six puppies that were just a few days old. The shelter director decided she had to try to help the puppies & took them home to start bottle feeding them. Well, having a full time job & trying to feed puppies every three hours started to take its toll. She reached out to several shelters to see if anyone could help. Kyle asked if we had any fosters who might be willing to help. Finding fosters for kittens that are being bottle fed is easy. But puppies? That could be tough as none of our fosters indicated they could foster newborn puppies. 

I knew who to call that “might” be up for this challenge. Within a few minutes of explaining the situation Chris, Lauren, and Sedra said YES! Two fosters had never done this type of fostering before so we learned together. Kyle started coordinating getting the puppies to Marin, Sam bought the necessary bottes and other supplies needed, & we ordered A LOT of Esbilac (puppy milk replacement). The Clearlake shelter director was so thankful & happy knowing she would get to sleep through the night. Bottle puppies get fed every 2-3 hours, even through the night. Some of the puppies were a bit tricky to take to the bottle so an extra High Five to Chris. He was a real trooper with one of his fosters that was hard to feed. The pups also have to be stimulated to go potty before & after feedings. And they are on the bottle until they are about 4-5 weeks old. The puppies were transitioned to wet food. When they get to be that age, there’s plenty of running around, handling, rough housing with each other, & lots of pee pads. But it’s worth all the work to see them grow up. 

After two months, the pups were ready to be altered & go up for adoption. Oh yes, one other thing: these puppies were big, with a capital B! They grew to be about 14 lbs.  at eight weeks. At adulthood, we’re estimating they’ll be around 80-100 pounds. The guess is that they are Great Pyrenees/Husky mixes. All of the puppies are incredibly healthy, sweet, outgoing & each one has their own personality.

We’re so fortunate to have great fosters to call. Every single foster gives 110%. But Chris, Lauren, and Sedra gave 150%! The fosters & staff are happy with the break for a while, but if we get more very young puppies, I know who to call first – and I bet they will say yes again. ~ Suzanne Gollin, Foster Care Coordinator

Columbia Sportswear discount: Marin Humane employees and volunteers have exclusive access to the Columbia Sportswear Employee Store from now through May 1st! Check out all the details in this Columbia Sportswear Store Spring Invitation. Happy shopping!

Have a terrific week!