Greetings Volunteers,

This post gives us another chance to say, Happy Volunteer Week! The theme for national Volunteer Recognition Week is “united we serve.” Can you think of a more appropriate theme for Marin Humane + Hopalong volunteers?! Whether you’re folding laundry, walking dogs, assisting in the clinic, cleaning cat cages, petting bunnies, greeting adopters, fostering, helping customers at the Thrift Shop, doing data entry, soothing a child with your Animal-Assisted Therapy dog, or any of the dozens of other things you do, volunteers serve. You truly keep this organization running. It’s not an overstatement to say that we couldn’t function without YOU!

Shelter update: We currently have 180 animals in our care at Marin Humane: 71 animals in foster and 109 animals in the shelter/Kitty Corner, including: 25 dogs, 2 puppies, 34 cats, 2 kittens, 14 rabbits, 14 guinea pigs, 11 rodents, 2 reptiles, 4 birds and 1 fowl. Hopalong has 50 animals in their care, 10 animals in the Oakland office and 40 cats and dogs in fabulous foster homes or offsite adoption sites!

Adoptions update: Happy Wednesday! As we kick off another week of adoptions, let’s look back at last week’s matches with this adoption slideshow! We’re so thankful to all of the adopters for giving our animals the forever homes they deserve. Congratulations to all the happy families! Here’s the Adoption Report if you’d like more details on who found their forever home.

Hopalong happenings! As it’s Volunteer Appreciation Week, the whole Hopalong team wants to send a special huge heartfelt THANK YOU to all our amazing volunteers and fosters! We are so appreciative for all our dog and cat care volunteers who help keep the animals at the Hopalong Oakland office happy and healthy, for our amazing Dog Handlers and Mobile Event Coordinators who run our mobile adoption events, for our Pet Chauffeurs who drive all over the Bay Area to get our animals where they need to go, and for our Foster Screeners and Foster homes who make sure our cats and dogs have wonderful places to wait for their forever homes! We couldn’t do it without you, and we hope you’ll enjoy a treat on us if you visit the Oakland office this week!

Happy ending! Another email from a happy adopter: “Hi! As you know, we adopted Money Penny, whose new name is Tiger Lily, and we are just calling her Lily. She could not be more delightful and easy going. She just took to the car, took to being in our home, just the cutest, coziest snuggle bug ever. We love her to bits. I did get out a soft crate and we bought her a new cushion up there yesterday because I thought I’d crate her just to be sure she’d be ok in the house. But then of course, I decided not to 🙂…. so she snuggled in with us last night and she was so adorable, she just curled up into a little ball and then she did that flop thing in the middle of the night when she readjusted, it was hysterical… she could not be any sweeter. She is such a good girl and we are so happy. Thank you all so much!”

Save the date! This year, the Volunteer Appreciation Party will be on Saturday, June 17th, in the pavilion at the Novato campus. Mark your calendars for a delicious brunch, from 11am-1pm. Think mimosa bar, delicious food, the wonderful company of fellow volunteers, raffle, and more! Invitation to come soon :).

B&Tea Blog: There are two recent installments in the B&Tea blog, both penned by volunteers! Here’s “Cat Whispering” by Feline Intervention Team volunteer Candace Key, and “That’s a Dog!” by Dog Pet Pal Kecia Talbot. Enjoy both excellent pieces.

Another successful community clinic! We were FINALLY able to hold the community clinic in Marin City last Saturday after two rainouts. St. Andrew Presbyterian Church allowed us to use their facilities and even brought out chairs for clients waiting in line. We provided cursory examinations, vaccinations, microchips, flea medication, dog licenses, and other supplies (food, harnesses, leashes, collars, clothes, etc.) to 98 pets (30 cats and 68 dogs) and their 74 appreciative guardians. There were many memorable moments, including providing some much needed supplies to a family who recently lost their home in a fire. Thank you to all of the staff and volunteers who helped make this an awesome event; special shout out to Dr. Erin Bennett (San Marin Animal Hospital), Dr. Monica Ortiz (San Marin Animal Hospital), and Dr. Kat Olson (PESCM).

Tails of Marin: This week’s Tails of Marin is written by Director of Behavior & Training, Dawn Kovell. As always, she provides us an entertaining and informative piece: “It’s Important For Your Dog To Have Good Recall, Even On A Ranch .” Happy reading!

Hope you’re feeling the “love” for being the best volunteers!