Greetings Volunteers,

It’s our turn to show you our gratitude for volunteering at the shelter, Kitty Corner, the Thrift Shop, and out in the community! Please join us at the Volunteer Appreciation Party on Saturday, April 23rd at 2pm. There’s still plenty of time to RSVP (the deadline is April 13th). For details, see the 2022 Volunteer Party Invitation. RSVP to Look forward to toasting YOU :).

Shelter update: We currently have 149 animals in our care: 66 animals in foster and 83 animals in the shelter/Kitty Corner. Our residents include: 22 dogs, 5 puppies, 30 cats, 5 kittens, 6 rabbits, 7 guinea pigs, 3 rodents, and 5 fowl. 

Adoptions update: Happy Wednesday and welcome to our first slideshow of April! The past week was a real puppy-fest so if you need a little something cute to get you through the week, check it out! BTW, the cat featured in this photo is Freeda and she is almost 18 years old! Yeah for Freeda for finding her new home to enjoy her golden years! Here’s the detailed Adoption Report, enjoy!

Woofstock tickets: We’re so excited that Woofstock is back this year! Come to Woofstock on Sunday, May 22nd to dance to live music, drink delicious wine and beer, win some awesome prizes in our raffle, and chow down on great grub from local food trucks. And bring your kids and friendly dogs to join in on the fun! Just another 10 days to get your early bird Woofstock tickets — use code VOL50 through April 15 for half off. Buy your tickets here.

Woofstock postcards: To promote Woofstock out in the community, could you help us distribute Woofstock postcards at your neighborhood stores, retailers, veterinarians, and pet stores? If so, email me at For your help, you’ll get one free admission to this fun-filled-fundraiser! Stay tuned for a separate email coming soon for other ways to volunteer at Woofstock.

Tails of Marin: During spring, Marin plays host to a variety of baby wildlife — from fawns to ducklings to baby squirrels to opossum babies riding in their mom’s pouch. This means the phone lines at Marin Humane and WildCare stay busy with calls from worried residents. It’s a good time to be reminded about when to help, when to ask experts for help, and when to just let nature take its course. Enjoy this week’s Tails of Marin, and keep an eye out for baby critters.

Cat workshops: Cats are probably one of the most misunderstood of all domestic animals. But there’s a workshop to help you learn how to read cat body language — “What is my cat saying?” Wouldn’t you like to better understand what your cat is saying and how your body language affects your communication with your feline friends? Learning to see the subtle signs of what a cat is saying will allow you to predict their behavior. This program is certain to give you new insights into cat behavior.  Register here for this two hour Zoom workshop. 

Bunny fosters needed! Aahhh…..spring…the perfect time of the year for sun, flowers, wildlife babies….and for fostering a rabbit or guinea pig! Perhaps you’ve not thought of fostering a small critter, but no better time than now, right?! Marin Humane is experiencing a big intake of rabbits and guinea pigs right now and we need more foster homes to get them out of the shelter. It can be quite stressful for these small animals at the shelter. Getting a break from the noises of the shelter and more attention in a foster home are two huge benefits for them. For all fosters, we provide everything you need; you can foster for a few weeks or longer, if you can; and most importantly, we’re sure you’ll discover why so many people love having a rabbit or guinea pig as part of their family. For more information, please contact our foster care coordinator Suzanne Gollin at

Kitty Corner volunteers needed: Earlier this year, Kitty Corner reopened! Kitty Corner is our offsite feline adoption center located in the Red Hill Shopping Center in San Anselmo. Now we need a few more volunteers to join the Kitty Corner team. We need cat caretakers (who clean the kitty condos) and adoption counselors. If you’re interested in learning more, please email adoption supervisor Ruthie Tolleson at

Have a wonderful week!