Greetings Volunteers!

Last Friday evening, I had the honor of going to the Hayward Airport with a few other staff to meet the airlift from the Maui Humane Society. These dogs and cats were already available for adoption at the time of the fire and were arriving in the Bay Area in search of forever homes. By taking in these animals, we’re also helping Maui Humane Society create space to care for the huge influx of animals displaced by the fires. This collaborative effort would not be possible without a commitment to animal welfare in Marin, where residents step up to help by volunteering, donating or fostering animals. Mahalo

Shelter update: We currently have 303 animals in our collective care. 219 are at Marin Humane: 80 animals in foster and 139 animals in the shelter/Kitty Corner, including: 25 dogs, 3 puppies, 42 cats, 39 kittens, 9 rabbits, 13 guinea pigs, 1 rodents, 2 reptiles, and 5 birds. 84 animals are with Hopalong: 16 animals in the Oakland office and 68 cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies are in foster or offsite adoption sites!

Adoptions update: Hip-hip-hooray, it’s Wednesday! We are thrilled to say that our community *turned out* in the past week and there were so many adoptions! Woohoo! Plus, several of our new arrivals from Maui were already adopted! We love to see it! If you’d like more info, here’s the Adoption Report.

Hopalong happenings! Three cheers for handsome Hawke, who finally found his forever home! His new mom works at Happy Hound, which had been Hawke’s foster home for the last six (almost seven) months. She has known him since he came into the Hopalong Foster Program, but wasn’t quite ready to adopt at first, then finally realized he was her dog. Hawke always insisted she say “hi” to him (anytime she wouldn’t say hi he’d head butt her in the butt!), so he must have known they were meant to be! Hawke is now spoiled, goes on lots of hikes, and will go to work with his mom so he can keep playing with all his friends at Happy Hound! We’re so happy for Hawke!

B&Tea Blog: The B&Tea column is back with “Foster Reunions.” Volunteer contributors, Kim Bromley and Susie Harper, start the piece: “If you’ve fostered a pet – especially kittens and puppies – you’ve heard this question: ‘How can you give them back? I could never do it.’ And it’s true, fostering isn’t for everyone. We’ve written about fostering before in this blog: the joys and challenges, senior partners and the fun of seeing your fosters in their new homes. What we haven’t focused on solely is reunions. Herewith, one of the many pleasures of fostering: seeing once again and even spending time with foster pets post adoption.” You’re sure to enjoy this blog post!

Volunteer High Five to Cathy Jakubiec & John Costello! “On Wednesday of last week, Lisa Bloch (director of marketing & communications) let me know that Novato was being featured on KTVU as the Zip Trip for the week. Lisa asked if Billie could come to the filming on Friday so we could have more eyes on him. Cathy and John, who’ve been fostering Billie for several weeks, were more than happy to bring Billie to the filming location for the Zip Trips feature at the Novato Civic Green next to City Hall. They loaded up on the treats and had Billie in place early and the cameras were on Billie while he showed the world what a good boy he was. Cathy and John had Billie doing sits and downs and every time the camera was on him he looked like a perfect and calm companion. We posted a couple of videos to the Facebook group of Billie’s camera time, make sure to check them out. Thank you so much Cathy and John for helping get more eyes on Billie! Super Duper High Five!!” ~ Virginia Grainger, Shelter Behavior Manager

Tails of Marin: It’s been all things Maui Dogs this week, including the Tails of Marin column written last week while we were preparing to receive this very special cargo from Maui. 🐕🌺. Enjoy Maui animals looking for homes in Marin.

Thank you for your ongoing support by showing up every week, donating when you can, and spreading the word on the work of Marin Humane!