Greetings volunteers!

Guinea pig lovers, rejoice – the Bay Area Pignic, the best and biggest piggie party of the year, is back at Marin Humane this Saturday, August 27. All the proceeds from this fun-filled gathering of guinea pigs and their guardians will support the small companion animals here at the shelter! Enjoy the ever-popular Cavy Costume Contest, a veggie eating contest, a raffle, a delicious bake sale, plus health checks and grooming for the piggies. Tickets are just $5 and include one raffle ticket! Get yours here. If you’re looking for an event to simply bring you smiles, swing by the shelter this Saturday, head to the back lawn, and enjoy the Pignic :).

Shelter update: We currently have 232 animals in our care: 85 animals in foster and 147 animals in the shelter/Kitty Corner. Our residents include: 30 dogs, 5 puppies, 36 cats, 32 kittens, 10 rabbits, 10 guinea pigs, 3 rodents, 8 reptiles, 9 birds, and 4 fowl. 

Adoptions update: Yeah, it’s Wednesday … time to share the adoption slideshow! And, of course, the Adoption Report for all the details of the animals that moved into their new homes! Hope you enjoy all these happy beginnings; spread the word as we a shelter-full of other cuties looking for the forever family. And, for additional animals looking for new homes, check out No Place Like Home for private rehoming options.

Our amazing Animal Services Officers! “No two days are alike,” said one of our Animal Services Officers. And one day last week was no exception: “Way to go Officer Courtney Miller for her champion goat wrangling and roping skills on an officer assist call for running-at-large goats. Way to go to Dave Abrams for staying late and fixing up a pen to house them at the shelter.

Officer Middagh was dispatched to two goats on top of a neighbor’s roof which in itself is a pretty bizarre call. When he arrived, the goats were off the roof but were running around the property making a huge mess. He asked for assistance and Courtney was more than excited to help out. We went to her home (local) and she grabbed her ropes and a bucket full of alfalfa cubes. When we arrived, the goats were cornered in a small entryway. Courtney immediately jumped into action, gave the goats some treats and roped both goats in less than a few minutes. Thanks to Courtney’s exceptional roping skills, both goats were safely loaded in the van and transported to Marin Humane. I hope to be throwing ropes with her in the future.


We unloaded the goats and set them up in a pen in the barn. The goats were still a little frightened and one of them jumped and almost cleared the fencing. Remember, these goats got on top of a roof! Dave Abrams was called in and had to quickly devise a plan to secure another pen. He moved several large chain link kennel panels and we began zip tying everything together making a very secure pen. Dave is always there when things go wrong and always has a plan to fix it. Way to go Team Baaad Goats for showing exemplary Collaborative Spirit and Dedication to Animals!” ~ Officer Adrienne Russo


Gala, gala, gala! Marin Humane’s Gala 2022, our “Sweet 16” celebration, takes place on Saturday, September 10th. This signature event raises crucial funds for the shelter animals. Join us for a fur-tastic night under the stars celebrating the thousands of happy animals who found their forever homes thanks to your support of Marin Humane. The program will feature heart-warming stories of animals and a very special Fund-a-Need that will enable us to save even more animals for years to come. Tickets on sale here. Hope to see you there!

Tails of Marin: In anticipation of the super fun Bay Area Pignic happening this weekend here on campus, this week’s Tails of Marin in the Marin IJ is all about these little cuties: “9 reasons why guinea pigs make great pets.” Looking to adopt a guinea pig or pair of piggies, come by on Saturday for the Pignic and also check-out those up for adoption :).

Have a great week and be well,