Greetings volunteers!

Want to foster a rabbit? We’re hopping with bunnies — a lot of bunnies! On average, we have six to eight rabbits awaiting adoption, but right now, that number is 33.The shelter is bursting at the seams with all sorts of animals! And we could use your help! Here’s a “plea” from our sparkly VP of Shelter Operations, Keri Fennell: “Most of you know that I am all about seeing the glass half full and I rarely see things in the shelter as dire. Right now, I am asking for your help. We currently have 33 rabbits in our care, with 14 rabbits in the shelter. We have started to run out of space and this is impacting where we can house cats and dogs. If you ever thought about fostering a rabbit, please go for it. Even if it is for a short time, any help is so greatly needed. Let me know and I will connect you with the rabbit of your dreams. Thank you in advance, Keri.” Can you help? Know someone who can loves the buns and can help? If so, please contact Suzanne, foster care coordinator. Thank you!!

Shelter update: We currently have 219 animals in our care: 76 animals in foster and 143 animals in the shelter/Kitty Corner. Our residents include: 28 dogs, 14 puppies, 33 cats, 31 kittens, 15 rabbits, 6 guinea pigs, 3 rodents, 5 reptiles, 6 birds, and 2 fowl. 

Adoptions update: Hello Thursday and hello August! We closed out July with a wonderful week of adoptions and we’re ready for a new month of match-making! Bring on the cheers, here’s the adoption slideshow! And for more info on who was adopted, here’s the Adoption Report.

Volunteer High Five to Cathy Jakubiec & John Costello! “At the end of the week, when most of us are looking forward to going home, putting up our feet, and maybe having a cocktail, our Friday Night Walk Team put off their own relaxation and come to the shelter. Showing their Dedication to Animals, Cathy Jakubiec and John Costello walk the dogs in our care, and they work together to clean up and hose down kennels if they need freshening up before the kennel lights go out. Cathy & John know that staff also just want to get home, and they make the extra effort to help our Animal Care staff get their job done – that’s Collaborative Spirit at work! Just coming on Friday nights would be enough to earn this dynamic duo a High Five in my book, but these two also take home our shelter dogs for overnight fosters. Cathy and John specialize in our long termers like Elektra or our wallflowers like Dahlia, dogs who really need a break from our shelter get that relief from Cathy and John. For demonstrating so many of our Core Values, High Five Cathy & John!” ~ Virginia Grainger, Canine Shelter Behavior Manager

Happy ending! “I just wanted to mention how grateful I am for you guys saving Squash! He’s warmed up completely to me and now goes on walks with me and tans outside. He LOVES his hammock and I learned how to breed crickets so he has endless snacks on top of his veggies, of course. I’m sure you’re probably used to getting updates on the furry babies adopted but figured you would enjoy a little update to know he’s happy. He’s quite the character – he’s learned how to ask for attention at night so he can watch TV with me after work. He’s also finally growing fond of bath time- he hated it at first!” 

Another happy ending! Mr. Magoo is a cat that has Cerebellar Hypoplasia, a condition where a kitten’s brain does not finish growing and remains in an immature state due to a viral infection in the mother cat. The infection causes a pause in the unborn kitten’s brain development, specifically to the area called the cerebellum, which is responsible for coordinated movement and balance. Mr. Magoo was in the shelter for four months, with a sweetest personality and a pretty severe case CH, waiting for just the right person to care and love him. And golly, he hit the jackpot with his adopter. Read her note as well as the Update On Mr. Magoo! Sure to make you smile :).

Tails of Marin: As noted above, we’re hopping with rabbits, so naturally this week’s Tails of Marin is focused on “Why bunnies make great pets.” Enjoy!

Hope you have a terrific week.