Greetings Volunteers!

Today straddles two important holidays: International Cat Day (yesterday) and National Spoil Your Dog Day (tomorrow)! Whether you’re a feline fanatic or simply canine crazy, we know you love your pets every day … but if you’re looking to *spoil* (read, adopt) another animal, look at some of these cuties here! 

Shelter update: We currently have 293 animals in our collective care. 207 are at Marin Humane: 72 animals in foster and 135 animals in the shelter/Kitty Corner, including: 18 dogs, 2 puppies, 30 cats, 54 kittens, 7 rabbits, 11 guinea pigs, 5 rodents, 4 reptiles, and 4 birds. 86 animals are with Hopalong: 23 animals in the Oakland office and 43 cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies are in foster or offsite adoption sites!

Adoptions update: Start your Wednesday in the cutest way possible! Here are some of the happy families from last week who took home new furry friends from Marin Humane. We have lots more waiting, too! To get the 411 on who went home, here’s the Adoption Report.

Hopalong happenings! While we were disappointed not to have any adoptions last Saturday at our mobile adoption event in Mill Valley, it was still a great chance for our pups to get out and socialize! And we’ve got a few adoption leads to follow up on…sometimes it takes a little longer to find the perfect home, especially for our shy pups! A big thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who made the event happen, and to those who will be helping with the rest of this month’s events!

Respect the nest! A powerful and important reminder from WildCare to #RespectTheNest. Nesting season isn’t over yet here in Marin. “It may feel like the hefty part of Wildlife Baby Season is behind us, but WildCare would like to remind you that nesting season is still far from over for our local wildlife! Summer is only halfway over and it is still every bit as dangerous to wildlife when you cut or trim trees as it was a few months ago. Songbirds are on their second and even third clutches of offspring and squirrels have begun nursing their second broods of babies as well. Please take heed and postpone all non-emergency tree work until at least October when it’s safer to assume no one is nesting in their boughs and branches, though we still advise you to check for late-active squirrel nests no matter the time of year. WildCare thanks you for respecting the nest!”

Volunteer High Five to Frankie Malsam! “Frankie is what I think of as a DPP+. She’s a Dog Pet Pal, plus so many more things. A few weeks ago three massive German Shepherd puppies were surrendered. They were sweet with humans and played well with each other. However, when they saw another dog while out on a walk, they’d bark. A lot. If you’ve been on campus over the past month, you definitely heard them barking at other dogs. Even from across the parking lot with your office windows shut. The pups were having a hard time getting adopted because of how extreme their reactivity was. They were starting to age out of that cute puppy phase and into naughty adolescents. Frankie took Kyro, the naughtiest, most reactive, of the puppies to foster. (She said he was less reactive than Kyle. Everyone else thinks he was “worse.”)

Less than a week after Frankie took Kyro to foster, I attempted to introduce Kyle to a potential adopter’s dog. It was a nightmare. He barked his head off and never became comfortable around the other dog. I began panicking, wondering what we were going to do about these puppies. The next day, Frankie came in for playgroups. She brought Kyro with her and, holy moly! He was a new dog! He watched a fearful dog halfway down the hall without barking. I was stunned. We took him out to playgroups. Yes, there was some barking at other dogs. But it was way more manageable than before he left for foster. All in less than a week! Frankie continued to foster Kyro, working on his reactivity when they went out for walks. Kyro also got to play with Frankie’s dogs who taught him how to play politely.

Last week, Frankie asked me if she could bring Kyro to the Hopalong adoption event on Saturday. Prior to Frankie fostering, I never would’ve imagined that these puppies could handle an adoption event as there are so many other dogs around. But Kyro did perfectly fine at the event, amongst all the chaos. And the best news: He was adopted at the event! ” ~ Jane Aten, Shelter Dog Behavior Coordinator

Tails by Twilight: Join us on Saturday, September 23 for an evening of inspiration under the stars celebrating the thousands of lives made happy! We’ll be transforming our Novato campus for an elegant, exciting evening! Add delicious food and drinks, amazing silent and live auctions, and inspiring stories — and it’s sure to be a night to remember. Click here to purchase tickets. (If you’d prefer to volunteer, stay tuned for an email from me in a few weeks with volunteer opportunities.)

Tails of Marin: Here is this week’s edition of Tails of Marin, “Why guinea pigs make great pets.” Marin Humane has many adorable animals for adoption, not just dogs and cats. We also have bunnies, birds, turtles, rats, and one of the cutest critters around — guinea pigs. Guinea pigs make great pets, especially for kids. Less fragile than rabbits and less skittish than hamsters, they’re happily swaddled in baby blankets, tenderly coo, and are generally adored by their guardians. Read the full article for all the reasons to consider adopting a guinea pig. And don’t forget, the Bay Area Pignic (cutest. event. ever.) will be held here on campus on August 26!

Hope you have a great week!